The one about the ex-girlfriend and the legal battle  

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3/28/2005 4:55 pm

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The one about the ex-girlfriend and the legal battle

This will help with the last entry and might explain more about me, what has happened since, and the other shit too.

Ok, where do I begin about this one.....

The beginning. I was enticed and committed the first deadly sin of relationships: I met, dated and fell in love with someone that I work with. Her name, let's call her Cathy. She wasn't Jennifer Aniston, but she was cute. You see, when I went to work, I was just getting out of my marriage. The first day I was there, I was attracted to my trainer. We were all young and in our 20's, so I had game, and was game for that matter. But I really wasn't looking or prpared for what was going to happen.

I got a job at a call center in Indianapolis. The place when I got there was in desperate shape for people to get callers off the phone while getting them the service that they wanted and upselling them other services so you could get a commission on what you sold them. Easy stuff, just need to know how to handle people, some of whom were real assholes and positively stupid. Stupid because they bought archaic satellite systems that are now all but extinct. The nice thing is the industry is dying and so are the asshole owners that called the center, all bitching like prima-donnas. Call it poetic justice. Read on about how poetic justice really is.

When I was in training, the girl I sat with, Cathy, the one I listened to on the phone, said some profound things to her supervisor about me. Cathy and her supervisor, Janice, were pretty good friends and confided in each other, ALOT! Her exact qoute to Janice was "I'm gonna marry that man and have his kids." Janice knew she had just broken up with her ex Andy and she moved out of his place, lived with her sister. She ended talking to me about Cathy. I told her I thought she was nice looking and we could probably be compatible. So I thought. Read on.

We went out that weekend. Went to a boxing gig that I had to announce. She enjoyed herself, thoroughly. And better yet, she ended up getting a motel room in my hometown and stayed the night. We slept on the same bed, and did NOTHING. Stupid probably, but I wasn't like that, neither was she. So I thought. About a couple of days later, she called me and I came over after work and we fucked like banshees in her sisters trailer. It was nice because she had really big tits and I enjoy big tits. Can't get enough of 'em. So we started dating. Off and on. Then we split up about 5 years ago. Then we get back a few months later, she tells me she's pregneant. I assumed the child was mine. So I thought. I asked her to move in with me, she refused. We don't talk for months, then I get a call from her about she wanting me there for the delivery. I was all set to be there at the hospital. Went to see her and find out that I can't be in the delivery room with her, that her sister would be there and I was not allowed. I was crushed as could be. Denied, for a reason.

It seems paternity has never to this day been established. Apparently, when the last time we had sex, she had a three-some with two guys at work and the days previous to that, she had sex with a tow-truck driver. That all being said, she doesn't know, but assumes it is me to be the father. The kid is an awesome kid, but Cathy had been dishonest with me and as far as trust is concerned, she laid the foundation for mistrust everywhere I will go for the rest of my life. But it wasn't long before other things started happening. Read on.

I had her move back in with me, then she moved back out because she couldn't get to work on time. I moved in with her, then I got in an auto accident and couldn't work. No work, no money, no bills get paid, no fun for the honey, so it was stress city. She wanted me out but couldn't kick a crippled gimp out of the apartment and have a clear conscience. So it had to be invented. She called the police and told them I hit her. They arrived, saw there were no marks on her at all, porbably because I didn't hit her in the first place. I would never do that anyway, besides, the police saw that there was no way it could have happened due to the injury I had sustained. So they left and so did she. When she left, I got ahold of the leasing office for the complex where we lived to get the lease copy to prove I lived there, how she or I could get out of the lease if one of us left the apartment. The next day she wanted to come back and talked to me on the phone, saying one of us had to leave. I told her I hadn't gotten my copy of the lease yet. She hung up. Then the cops show up, telling me I have to leave from "her" apartment. I tell them that the leasing office would show them that I was on the lease. Sure enough, they check on it, taking about 20 minutes to do so. They come back and tell me I must leave for 3 hours so she can move out. They tell her she has to go, weren't too happy about the little white lie she told to get them to throw me out of the house un lawfully. She was pissed and from what I can only speculate as vengeance, tried to get me thrown in jail to get me out of the aparment once again. Read on.

With the help of a relative, she contacted a phone number and called the prosecutors office. With the help of some agency, obviously one that shoots first and asks questions later, she got coached on what to tell the judge. A female judge at that. Prejudicial yes, but, when the real truth was discovered, they ended up getting theirs. While I was also in the prosecutors office at the same time to try to get charges of false reporting placed upon her. They then told me to wait there, and then I was arrested and taken to jail because, even though I was seeking out charges, she got to speak to the judge first. A breach of policy, yes, but read on, they get theirs.

2 months later, after I bailed out, she called me and wanted to talk, saying she was sorry for the whole thing and that it had gone too far. Being the sucker that I am, we talked. She wanted the no contact we were under to go away so I could see her son. And I did, and things went ok for awhile. What happened next was what should have happened in the first place: the truth. The truth came out, probably when the police who came to the house showed up to testify as to what they saw or really, what they didn't see. The prosecuter saw this, must've gotten a clue as to the real thing that was going on. Cathy wanted me out because I couldn't pay the bills due to my injury, but even the disabilty insurance payments couldn't pay the bills. She needed someone else to do the dirty work, so why not, at my expense, have someone else do it? Someone like the prosecutor. He knew he couldn't win, so he didn't try the case. That way it would limit him liably. Limit, but not exclude him. H wouldn't have been able to prove his case anyway. Kinda hard to do when the defense calls the police as witnesses for them, rather than against them. Someone with a law degree should see this to see if any monetary damages can be brought. Read on.

It went well for a while. Then in the fall, she told me she wanted another guy to come to the house and wanted me out. Out of the house we both picked out. It was her house, so I honored it. Come to find out the guy had already visited the house the night before. So, I left again, for the final time. it didn't work out for them, but I haven't been able to see her son. I didn't want her to talk me into getting my heart broken again, so I asked for a no contact order to be installed against her. It was granted, so I didn't talk to her again. The order was good for 2 years, and after that she did come to see me, we talked a little. I thought, again, we would get back together, but she fell in love with another guy, who sees things just like me. Ironic isn't it? I hope for his sake, he made a pre-nuptual agreement or has an attorney on retainer. I went on with my life though as best as I could. I'm bruised over it but I had hoped I would be able to trust others. It takes alot longer for me to truat anyone now, if I trust them at all, so for those who truly want to know me, know that sincere and genuine people go a long way with me.

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