changing gears  

joeblows2469 43M
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5/24/2006 11:18 am
changing gears

i love music, rock and metal are my two that i can not live with out. vh1 is running a month long special on metal, killer. so i take time out of all the computer work i need to do and embrace the boob tube. first thing i see is Pantera behind the music, fucking killer man.....long live the spirit of Dime Bag. i'm sitting in my chair with a fucking hard on, then comes on Heavy: a history of metal. o shit dude, i think i'm going to cream my shorts. things are going great...all my fav metal bands are there, then it happens, def leppard a metal band.....i do not fucking think so chief. def leppard the rock band yes, i like leppard, but NOT FUCKING METAL. how decides this shit. sure leppard did contribute to the rock world, mtv had them on a heavy rotation but still, NOT METAL. metal is in your face, destroy, make you go def, fuck your chick faster kind of music. you can not go balls to the walls with leppard.....i'm sorry it just dose not work. but, slap on some Pantera and get fucking crazy brother. that is METAL!

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