My Mother  

jmebug 44F
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5/12/2006 10:16 am
My Mother

<<<<<<this is me and my oldest on mother's day about 4 years ago.

well for the last couple of months now i have been working on a project that i think will take the cake for my mom.

i am all about giving gifts that dont compare to anything else, i love getting or making things that you cant just get anywhere. i love to make someone think of me everytime they use it, see it, smell it, whatever. that's what makes it special.

anyway, my mom is my biggest fan in her own way, though she doesnt outwardly show it, and i wanted to think of something completely different and that could come only from me.

so i decided on a 'vase' full of things that would bring her memory back to me, kind of like fortunes in a glass bottle. i got a glass candle holder actually, about 6 inches in diameter and tied this beautiful lavender ribbon around the outside. i wanted it to be big enough to stick her hand into. and there is a little pink tab hanging on it that says "remember when"

then ive spent the last months like i said, typing out all these memories of my life, most of which involved her in some way. i printed them on pink paper and cut into strips and folded them and they are in the jar..she can pick one out here and there and take a trip down memory lane... here are some examples...

…the time you woke up from surgery and looked at me and said, “hey, I love you.”…

…the time I fell off my bike in Maryville in the ditch and you picked me up and carried me into the house and cleaned up my leg…

…the time you found me driving your car, when I was 12, downtown Excelsior Springs, ready to whip my butt right there in front of everyone…

…when I was about 5, and I looked at you and thought that you were the most beautiful woman on the planet…

…the day I got married to Matt, and you came in and helped me fix my makeup and told me not to cry because I would ruin my mascara…

you get the idea. it's a great present, and i cant wait to see the look and tears on her face when she opens it. it will definately be the highlight of my day. and i hope of hers.

so what are you getting your mom/wife/grandma for mother's day?

have a great one....jamie

lynnbluff 42F

5/14/2006 9:43 am

I wish I would have thought of something like that.

Happy Mother's Day, Jamie!

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