ClompApronUreal 37F
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6/10/2006 1:25 pm

So tired today!

Feel good, though. Could be because I'm riding on a serious caffeine high... or cold be because I got fucked nice and good last night for about an hour and a half straight.

Nothing like someone that knows how to take their time.

I am off now to try to find something provacative to wear one week from tonight, when I plan to be shaking my ass something serious at Carsons. So far I think there are *counts on her fingers* 6 girls and 2 guys total from my group of friends that are going to be rocking out for the dancing part of the evening. Too many girls for so few guys. Especially considering one of them is married and the other is quite taken. LoL. My male friends really are pussies when it comes to dancing.

The best part of dancing in a group with that many girls... the fun that occurs when guys get too friendly or give unwanted attention. I swear, the last time we went we all played the "jealous girlfriend" role at various points during the night. So much fun to tell a guy to step off and proceed to get dirty with one of your friends to make a point. *snicker*

Looks like I've once again been stood up for Saturday night fun. Seriously, though - if we're talking and I get to the point where we're setting up time/day to meet up... and all you have to do is call me to finalize things... and you don't call... then you're a loser. Sorry. I'm about fed up with this one guy who has been doing it for almost 2 weeks straight.

On another note... still haven't found anyone to spank me for my birthday. (and then kiss and make all better, of course) *grin*

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