jlr774 45M
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8/14/2006 8:38 pm

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8/17/2006 10:23 pm


I just got back from Michigan. Bike thing. Fantastic
riding, many new friends, and beautiful bikes to
oggle. I'm exhausted.

rm_mangomami2 42F
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8/16/2006 8:44 pm

What makes a bike beautiful in your eyes?

jlr774 45M
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8/17/2006 10:23 pm

Oh, mango, this tiny, innocent-looking question has
a long, bloody answer which can easily fill up several
blog postings. Hmm. The bike has to flow. Everything
has to fit, all the parts have to be in proportion. Matched
wheels help; a box rim up front and a deep v in back just
looks wrong. Seatposts jacked way up to the limit line
look wrong. High-rise stems usually look wrong. Suspended
bikes look fugly. Sorry, that's just the truth. Every single
suspension bike I've seen looks ugly. All suspension forks
are ugly. Flat crown forks are pretty. Flat crown, straight-
bladed forks are ungodly hott. With two t's.

Lugged steel is usually beautiful, but can be ugly if the
lugs are too clunky. Aluminum frames are functional, but
are almost always ugly b/c they have big, fat, tootpaste
welds. Ick. Tig-welded steel can be beautiful (see AntBike
and Independent Fabrications), but can sometimes have
those ugly toothpaste welds. Carbon just doesn't do it for
me, but I'll make an exception for those Corima track frames,
no straight lines, all flowing curves. Rawr!!

I think my Cannondale (old road racer) is beautiful. It's bonded
aluminum (no welds at all), so the frame looks like one piece
of metal. It's sleek, black and thin, but not delicate thin, more
like a viper. Low slung and aggressive, it's like the gorgeous
and flirty ganster's moll. You know she's fantastic in bed, but
you also know that laying a hand on her could get you shot.
That bike is semi-retired now, and rocks the tubulars. Only
gets out for shorter rides in nice weather. But, damn, she
corners like she's on rails and climbs like a scalded cat.

I've come nowhere close to answering your question.

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