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9/8/2006 7:24 pm

this week in commuting music.

Monday: Deerhoof. Both ways. Yes, I realize it
was Labor Day.

Tuesday to work: Doggystyle by Snoop. I know,
not the most enlightened of choices, but, damn
it's still got grooves deep as a cannal dredging.

Tuesday home: Dry by PJ Harvey. Oddly enough,
her song called "Dry" is on the next album she
put out. Go figure.

Wednesday to work: Bird and Diz by, um, Bird
and Diz. Reminds me that I need more Bird in
my music collection.

Wednesday home: Blues Boy by Geoffery Muldaur.
Ever see the movie "Brazil?" He sang that title
song you hear throughout the whole movie.
Little did I suspect he was a phenomenal blues
singer, one of the few moderns to play passable
versions of old Sleepy John Estes songs.

Thursday to work: Rise Robots Rise (s/t). This is
one of the great unknown hip hop records of the
90's. Sometimes I wonder what the hell happened
to them. More rarely, I listen to their second record
and have my suspiscions.

Thursday home: Brilliant Mistake by Tsunami
90's era punk/pop out of NC. Crafted indie
music making fun of crafted indie music. Only
CD I have which name check David Foster Wallace.
Maybe more folks need to do that, and the world
will be a happier place.

Friday to work: Stankonia by Outkast. Outkast is
like that novelist you read who has a couple of
fanstastic set pieces every novel, but ready needs
a more pro-active editor.

Friday home: Palm of Soul by Kidd Jordan. I once
saw Kidd Jordan play in NYC with William Parker
on bass and Andrew Cyrille on drums. (Kidd plays
tenor sax.) It was like having your head pulled
inside out through your ears, but in a good way.
This album is a mellower, but still....

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