Well I supposidly don't click with alot of ppl here for some reason.  

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9/18/2005 7:03 pm

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Well I supposidly don't click with alot of ppl here for some reason.

I happened to be on-line for a good protion of the day. I visited the NYC chat room to talk to a few in the NYC area. To my surprise, I get iggied, not from the list, but just in general. I also noticed today in the chat room that someone had mentioned that it seems that some people visiting this website is in their own click and are ignoring others. I get the usual hello and all, but that's about it.

Now, I stopped real quick to make a quick cup of coffee to keep me going so to benefit from the site today, and i come back to a conversation of an event that happened last night, or was supposed to happen. I asked what was supposed to happen 3 times and not a single response from anyone, so I left.

Now, to let everyone know who is reading this, I'm in Staten Island, New York. This is the boro that has the least population from the rest of the city and transportation isn't the greatest, and anyone who is failiar with NYC as a whole knows this. I find that there are not many females out here who seem to have an interest in me for some reason, guessing they don't want to even give me a chance before judging, which is wrong.

I know it takes time to get a positive response, but the key here, from what I'm being told is to be myself, be honest and to have alot in the profile, in which I have done here. I've joined groups, which have been the least active thing I've seen so far. Chat rooms? Been ignored there as of late. Blogs? done that. Wrote in the Mag? Yup, done that. Answered some questions in the advice area? yup, done that too. I even had myself highlighted, put up some pics, a voice intro and made a intro video, with little or no response, and on top of that, one female had already harassed me saying to take certain pics down from my profile.

: will be making a blog soon of my wondering of what a female from this site realy wants.::

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