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6/17/2006 12:54 am

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yadi yadi yada

ye i m better lol

i m sick and tired of all the ignorance surroundin me!!! grrrrrrr oh ye and wanted the last blog to be set to diary but apparently was already lookin at it... grrrrrr ok enough witn the grr thing!

- Hello, are you there?
- Yes, who are you please?
- I'm Watt.
- What's your name?
- Watt's my name.
- Yes, what's your name?
- My name is John Watt.
- John what?
- Yes, are you Jones?
- No I'm Knott.
- Will you tell me your name then?
- Will Knott.
- Why not?
- My name is Knott.
- Not what?
- Not Watt, Knott.
- What?

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