My Date goes ...  

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5/2/2006 9:41 pm

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My Date goes ...

Had a date with someone last nite, met him at the bar lounge at somewhere around Mega Kuningan.
After talked a while with him and drank, we decided to having dinner at the Japanesse restaurant which is at the 3rd floor in that hotel. Went out from the lounge then I saw a bule, a big guy sat in the lobby alone waiting for someone I bet.
He really turned me on, I looked at him but... then I thinking... I think... I thiinnkk... yesss... hhuumm...
Is he?? ... Really?? And he looked at me too... Boy, I knew him! He gave me a funny looked there, I seen he trying to laugh that time and I wanted to laugh also but my date kept talking to me, so I could only gave a wink.
You know notti, I really wanted to jump on you there. What are you doing there, Love? Thought you living at the next hotel,eh.

Ok, this one remind me about few weeks ago when I had a dinner with someone at the Lebanesse restaurant in the Meredien. I seen 3 ppl sat not far from our table and I can recognized that guy, he was with his wife and friend. We seen each other but cant do any.
Thinking about this, if next time i meet with my buddies at the same place, I'll send text and ask to meet at the toilet for a quick ST. LOL

Back to my lovely date last night.
At the Jap restaurant, it is really nice place, the foods are delicious, the wines are good, the sake is yyaaayy, GOOOD! and the conversation was so naughty... it was my first time talked about sex while having dinner and he really made me horny. Damn.
I said, " I want to suck you now."
"Want to fucking on this table!"
And he said, " You want to get fuck on the table? Why we not fucking in my room?"
So we went up to his room and enjoyed each other.
This guy is really amazingly sexy, hot and crazy!

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5/3/2006 7:38 am

he he he

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