I Falling In You  

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4/14/2006 6:01 am

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I Falling In You

It is raining in Jakarta
Clouds are shrouding in
this evening
Getting seven now
Walking fast

Standing front the Cinnabar
With my green umbrella
Getting worrying
Am I looks well?

I seen him
Sitting in the table for two
With a glass of red wine
Waiting for someone

The girl take me to his
He looked at me and smile
So glad I met him
Take my breath away

Oh, that eyes, yes his
blue eyes
Hypnotized by his eyes
Feels I'm naked
Oh, that lips, yes his lips
Was seduced me
Long time ago

"What would you like for
your drink, Madame?"
Paralyzed by his sight,
"A red wine for me and
a champaigne for this lady."

I remember
It's almost ten
We still enjoying the night
Salt n peper
Feel the beat in the rhythm
of my heart

He reached my hand
Going to say something
I hear the voice
Very clear in my ears
Getting loud and louder

"Aunty Jktagirl69! Aunty Jktagirl69!
Are we going to the Pondok Indah Mall

What the...
My lil' cutey niece.


rm_torry33 50M
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4/19/2006 3:23 am

hi girl....
gimana sih caranya supaya bisa ketemu kamu ?
apa ada persyaratan khusus yg harus aku penuhi..?
contact aku dong di jalu_pang

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