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3/14/2006 5:38 pm

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we'v met a lot of really nice friendly people in this site,not in person,still looking to fulfill that fantasy!or one of them!!read my profile,youll guess my mnbr1 fantasy,anyway,we are always honest with everyone.but there are so many decieving adds out there!!am i the only one getting decieved,or does it happen to you????no names mentioned of course,but why cant you guys tell the AdultFriendFinder ur attached/married??starting off on lies is def the wrong foot,no?!and i can take a k.b,but do you have to be so cheeky bout it???ive had some hate mail,which goes to show they(site)cant check them all!!theyll prob block this,and lady with the "cheeky e-mail",i have no prob getting a man.....even tho you think i cant!!perhaps the green eyed monster knows you huh???

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3/14/2006 6:31 pm

Just wanted to say hey

Purry {=}


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4/6/2006 9:15 am

[quote]but why cant you guys tell the AdultFriendFinder ur attached/married??[/quote]

I dunno

if I wrote = i'm single - sorry - no singles, without any idea that it can be for me something new and probably there is only one chance to meet someone who want me - like something new, just new.

if somebody has - attached or married written - is bad too


that question is?
where is that golden middle that gives win-win situation?

or maybe everybody make mistakes wanting someone other

- you want him single, and he is, as bad news for you, attached - you're dissappointed

or your friend looks on me and says: single? thanks, I don't >>! singles

I look here some time, but don't find answer - when it works and when not.

Maybe everybody wants here just swing?


clp are for cpls and singles for singles?


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