It's a lot of frustration, is what it is  

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8/5/2006 6:24 pm

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It's a lot of frustration, is what it is

Ok, here goes.
I'm an older Divorced Dad. Kinda Shy. Maybe that should read Very Shy. I have been separated since 2000 and Divorced since 2001. When we divorced,I got the kids. That has it's good points and bad points. Most of the time I am working, bringing in a paycheck, or at home being a good dad, taking care of my kids. Even the older one. He just can't seem to get his life organized. If it isn't money, it is girls. He moves out of the house and in with a girlfriend, and then 6 months later he is back. The good thing here is, it seems that he is SLOWLY getting it together. getting his bills paid off. I have a big house, so it is not a big problem. I have the younger one anyway and they are both good kids. Not on drugs, etc., etc.
Here is the catch: Can't play at home.

I was really horny as a pre teen and well, ever since. I have played with 'TOYS' when I was 'young and dumb and full of cum'. That was a private thing I did when horny and by myself. I also used to suck my own cock when I was a very in-shape teenager on the track and crosscountry team. You either have to have a very long cock or be very limber. I was the second. 165 lbs.

You know, whenever I meet women, they all tell me that I am a nice Handsome guy. They also tell me I am Quiet. 'Reserved'. I'm 5'11" tall, Norwegian German Discent. Still got all my hair. It is all grey though, and has been for quite a while. I'm in very good shape for my age. Average cock size, not one of the stallions that you see here, but OK. I'm also pretty smart. You know, fix the car, fix the washer, a regular do-it-yourself Handyman, and then some. Do you see any social life here? right. Not very much. I don't date at work. Occasionally meet someone. No real relationships.

That I always never seem to meet the right people? I wink at girls here and don't get any reply. I am somewhat bi-curious: if you look at all the guys and girls on this site having fun, and you are not a complete homophobe, how could you not be curious? I have winked at and E-mailed some guys too. As far as meeting many people: not many at all. Some want me to give them a call on the phone. but, with my situation at home, I don't feel comfortable doing that. I like to meet people first before giving out my home phone. And then when I do meet someone, they are not MY TYPE. That is in caps. Why? I'm tall, not heavy, and looking for same. I like nice boobs. Do I meet any girls that fit this description? Not yet I haven't. Not a lot of honesty with descriptions and pictures here. As far as guys go, my interest there is the same as when I was a kid. It is masturbation and oral play. And I don't want a lot of partners. It seems that a lot of the guys that I chat with here are way over the top compared to me. I also seem to get hit on by gay guys. I'm not into kissing guys. I'm just a light weight and want to play safe here. And like I said at the beginning, I am (very) shy.

Tear me up. Tell me where I have gone wrong here. and while you are at it, where and how do people like me meet people with the same or similar interests? Does anyone have a similar situation?


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