Fun In L.A.  

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7/16/2006 4:22 pm
Fun In L.A.

Another great first-time meet from AdultFriendFinder!

Yesterday I hooked up with a hot, exciting black woman and had a GREAT time!

We met at a small car show in L.A., hung out for awhile to get to know each other, and made it to a hotel because we couldn't keep our hands off each other's body!

She is hot! With a hard, perfect-shaped ass!

Actually, it was still early after the show, so we had lunch first. THEN, FINALLY - we made it to the room.

She started with a little show - I think she has a little exhibitionist devil in her! Wow! And shaved, too. I love that!

I pulled off my clothes, and my rock-hard cock sprung to attention. She grabbed it and purred, "It's SOOO Big for a white cock!" I was flattered! I've only been with one other black woman, and always heard that black cocks are HUGE, but my new sexy lover is telling me I'm bigger than some of the black guys she's known! Guess I have to thank my genes for that one!

I stood by the bed while she slid my cock past her sweet, strong lips. Slowly sucked and drew my cock in and out of her mouth. Mmmmmmm. I'd love to do this all night! But I make her stop.

I'm getting so hot, I need to lick some pussy! I laid her back on the bed and knelt on the floor, my head between her thighs. I slowly kiss and lick around her thigh, her mons, avoiding her pussy. She starts to move and quietly moan.

I lightly flick her clit and she jerks. Then I slowly lick around her clit, not yet touching it, but slowly circling it with the tip of my tongue. She's warming up!

This is the first time, so I'm sensing her every move, every moan, and finding out what excites her the most. I start to slowly lick up and down her pussy, folding the lips of her pussy back with my tongue. She spreads apart her legs a little and gently pumps up and down.

I'm lapping up her sweet juices now. She's becoming more and more aroused while I steadily lick her pussy. This seems to be doing better for her than circling her clit, so I continue.

After a while, she starts to speed up her pumping and begins to sound out little gasps. God, I'm hot now. I love to feel my partner start to cum when I lick her pussy!

I add some pressure and a little speed. I spread her lips with my fingers and, while I'm licking up and down I start to tongue-fuck her pussy in the downstroke. She gasps more, so I start to concentrate on her pussy opening, reaching in an inch or two to massage her g-spot with my tongue.

That did it. After a few strokes she grabbed my head and started pounding her pussy against my mouth. Ecstasy! It took all my strength to keep my teeth off her skin! I kept a steady rhythm, and she soon came, all over my face. I licked her clean and laid next to her while she gathered her strength again.

I love my AdultFriendFinder friends! I make it clear in my profile that I love to eat pussy, and the women who write love to be eaten! A perfect match!

By then, I was hard as a rock and ready for more. I asked her which position she likes the best, and she said doggie-style really gets her off.

Perfect! She has such a sexy ass to watch while I slide my big white cock in an out of her dark brown/pink pussy.

She crouches on the bed with her beautiful ass in the air while I put on a condom and slipped my hard cock into her tight but very wet black pussy! This was almost as great as eating that sweet pussy!

I slide in and out, slowing picking up the pace, until I was pounding her hard and she came twice. She sort-of collapsed on the bed, pooped out.

That's when she asked, "what's going on? Are you on viagra or something? You're still hard and haven't cum yet." I just told her that I didn't know. It's just always been like that. I just really enjoy to prolong the pleasures of sex. It's easy to get your rocks off, I said. But the real pleasure comes from not giving in to it until the right moment at the very end. Then the orgasm is more intense and longer-lasting.

We rested, fucked some more missionary style and she came two more times. By then she was pretty much spent and wanted me to finish, so she watched me masturbate while she stroked my balls and ass. The orgasm was INTENSE!

She wrote this morning and told me how much she enjoyed last night and want to get together again. I was flattered again - usually it's the guy who calls the next day. She beat me to it.

I can't wait until our next rendevous and am looking forward to a long-term friendship. Too bad she's not into girl-to-girl action, tho. Maybe with my next date...

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