Anal Crusade, Day Two  

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6/15/2005 10:58 am

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Anal Crusade, Day Two

Not much headway on the anal crusade front to report for yesterday, though there were anal words exchanged after dinner.

We were at Applebees and she saw someone get a bacon cheeseburger and goes, "applebees has the most beautiful burgers". So i take that and make it dirty saying stuff like, "that's some good looking meat", or "mmm... big and beefy. meaty." i was kind of going on and on and i could tell she wasn't really paying attention (she's used to it).

So she looks up and says "all i'm hearing is 'i wanna fuck you up the ass'". Oh yeah? Well all i hear when you talk is "i'd really like that but right now i'm in denial", i say back.

She laughed and said you wish or something like that. So, no real headway, but at least i know it's i've got it in her head. She's thinking.

Thanks to cutereadhead83 and 3_Erotic_Amigos for their comments yesterday. I am thinking about getting a very non-threatening type of anal toy to get her trying something new. I was thinking of something like the "zinger" from xandria. Not sure if she'd use it on me or not, but I will find out. I'm attaching a pic of the zinger but i'm not sure where that shows up on the blog.

Onward and downward ho!!!

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