Death--In the Blink of an Eye  

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6/11/2006 7:31 pm

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Death--In the Blink of an Eye

As many of you know already, I drive a car for a public transportation company. My job requires me to be on the road for about 12 hours every day. In my travels yesterday, I witnessed a horror beyond my minds comprehension. I saw a young man the blink of an eye.

It was about 5pm, late for me to still be in Sarasota, but I was heading for my last pickup about two miles away. I was heading Eastbound on a 4 lane divided road that I knew narrowed to 2 lanes, a few blocks ahead. Suddenly, a motorcycle appeared out of nowhere and came flying by me in the passing lane. He must have been doing 75 mph in a 40 mph zone. As the road narrowed to 2 lanes, he maintained his fast pace.... He was about 3 blocks ahead of me when suddenly, from a side street, a car pulled out in front of him...WHAM!!! I could hear the sound from 3 blocks away, as he crashed broadside into the car, knocking the car about 15 ft sideways with the impact. He had tried to turn his cycle sideways the instant before impact, but that meant he hit the car body first, and he was crushed between the car and his cycle....Reliving the picture in my mind, It was horrible, just a horrible impact.

As I arrived at the scene, I pulled of on the shoulder, turned on my 4 way flashers, and grabbed my cell phone, dialing 911....They answered quickly..."A motorcycle has just crashed into a car at the corner of Proctor and Bliss" I shouted into the phone. The first thing the dispatcher asked was.."Are there any injuries?" "Maam, a motorcycle just hit a car at high speed. Of course there's injuries" I replied....I got out of my car and started walking toward the scene. Several pedestrians had run over to the lifeless body laying in the street...They ignored the woman in the car that was hit, and she was getting out, apparently un-injured.

As I walked closer, everything went totally silent for me. There wasn't a sound to be heard. It was like a dream and I was moving in slow motion, yet I could hear myself breathing and the wild pounding of my heart.....There was a man kneeling by the body. He was trying to find a pulse in his neck. He looked up at me, then lowered his gaze as he shook his head no, no pulse....Then I looked at the lifeless form on the pavement....His skull was crushed and split wide open, his neck was obviously broken and twisted oddly. His legs and arms were broken and mangled, and.....there was blood everywhere, oozing out of his gaping wounds. It was a horrible, ghastly sight.

I'm a big, strong man, but I get a little woozy at the site of blood...always have. I felt the nausea welling up from down deep in my stomach. I staggared to the roadside where I vomited, again and again....Then my hearing returned to me as I heard faint sirens in the distance. The paramedics were coming, but they didn't need to rush, I thought silently....Then I realized that I had the cell phone in my hand, and the 911 dispatcher was still on the line. "What's happening?" she demanded...That shook me out of my dreamlike state and I said, quite shakily, "He's dead, maam"...She said.."Are you sure? Did you take his pulse and....." "He's dead, maam...I'm sure" and I hung up.

I went back to my car and waited for the police and paramedics to show up. I didn't want to look at that terrible sight in front of me, so I turned away to keep from vomiting again.....I told the cops what I had witnessed, and gave them all the info I could. I still had one more customer to pick up and drive her back to Venice where she lived...Then I drove home, and very slowly and carefully, I might add.

When I got home, I released all my emotions. I screamed at the stupidity of some drivers. I cried over my helplessness and inability to stop this senseless death. I sobbed in a nauseated shock as my mind replayed what I had witnessed, over and over again.

I read in the paper today, that he was 26 years old, married, with 2 young children. He was in a hurry to get home from work, to his wife and kids. The young lady driving the car said she looked into the setting sun, and never saw him.........

Life is precious, and very fragile. A love for motorcycles, a concious decision to speed, a quick glance into the setting sun....and life can the blink of an eye.

Thanks for reading and understanding...Please drive safely...Please!


FOOTNOTE-- I wrote this story about 4 months ago...The day after I witnessed this terrible scene. I decided not to publish this until I was able to deal with the reality of what I had witnessed....My memories will never go away, but they have faded enough where I can cope with my emotions of sudden senseless death....Jim

luv2jerkurdick 42M

5/24/2009 6:29 am

That was heavy, terrible situation. I witnessed several things of that nature over my years and it could stay with you. Well written piece but unfortunate for those involved.

Take care

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