The Rain and Dreams............  

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8/27/2005 2:38 pm

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The Rain and Dreams............

To my friend Eroticwildthing........... Just hold gets better

The rain is falling outside and I sit and wonder, "what if every drop was someone's dream? What would happen to it?" Would it roll away unnoticed as life passes it by? Isn't that how most dreams end? Do they end? Do they die? Or do they suffer in the dark, silent and alone?
Are the dreams that have been shoved aside as insurmountable, unaccomplishable, pipe dreams? Are they so unattainable that we never speak of them? Do we never admit to anyone, ourselves included, that we have dreams, no matter how far in the past we believe them to be? When in our lives will it be acceptable to live outside the box and chase that moving rainbow in the hopes that someday we may catch it? Do dreams die when we do or do we pass them on, not knowing we have done so?
Who are we without our dreams? We are noone. So, place a bucket into the rain, recapture your dreams, and chase that rainbow when the sun comes back out. That is what life is all about!

eroticwildthing1 51F

8/30/2005 6:31 am

jessie u truly are a remarkable women one whom i hold close to my heart. ur blog to me is remarkable *dreamz are so often forgotten, pushed aside, demonz that dwell in them threaten to devour our hopez and dreamz* I gaze into a puddle after the rain visions of past wantz. hopez, and desirez linger their among the ripples. I trace my finger over the ripples that to me represent my life *do we dare to dream the impossible dream of one day reaching the elusive rainbow * finding solace their freeing ourselves of past failures ?,opening up our mindz n hearts to once again dream of a happier place where life is good the world is at peace and in total harmony .* I reach up n grasp the brightly coloured rainbow and feel inner peace, a radiant glow washez over me im at one with myself and all that surroundz me*. *((so dare to dream the impossible dream the rainbow is within reach*)).muahhhhh jessie

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