More reality questions  

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6/13/2006 12:50 am

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More reality questions

Does anyone else wake in the night craving the touch and feel of anothers touch? Their hand, their lips, their tongue, the feel of their moistness on you, anywhere? Are there days when everything you see and everyone you meet is a potential sex partner? Are there days when every kind of sexual practice seems like a good idea? When you could do anything and have anything done to you; all in a mad desire to lose yourself in a world of amazing orgasms?

Do you sometimes browse through the web and find sites where this happens and wonder whether it is at all real? Is perhaps just to make money and the people who look as though they might be enjoying themselves are actually just doing it for a buck? Does that matter?

Most of all I wonder if there is someone else out there in blogland or on this site who might be interested in discussing some of these issues; or is there just me?


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