Men are the real Dildos  

jersimpet 57M
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4/1/2006 12:24 pm
Men are the real Dildos

At last real people in blogland; thank you to those who commented.

I have found it fascinating reading who many girls, ladies seem to lke dildos and it started me thinking, that who ever invented the first dildo; perhaps it was a cucumber or some other suitable veggie or piece of fruit must have had a lousy lover. I mean if I was offered the coice between an articifial pussy and the real thing; no contest give me the flesh every time. BUt with dildos I'm not sure.

I know they don't talk, they don't smell they don;t have all the nasty attributes that men do but surely it is saying that basically men are lousy lovers and a bit of plastic is much more satisfying for women.

Is this a fair conclusion to have drawn? If it is then men have a lot of learning to do to become better lovers.

I'd love to know what you think. Perhaps the key is that it is easier to have a relationship with an inanimate object than a person with all the kinks that go with them?

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