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1/16/2006 2:57 pm

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one of my fantises is trying to meet women who will flash me when they have short dresses on, want to know what kind of panties they are wearing, or pantyhose with NO panties on. While taking the 46 bus on union turnpike, my dream came true, a young women gave me a show that I, will never forget, panty hose NO Panties on sitting across from me in the rear of the bus, she new that my eyes were fixed at her sweet spot & did all she could to give me the best few that she could, the bus started to get crowded, a pregnant women got on the bus, so I gave her my seat & stood in front of this young women, not having my view any more did not stop my rock hard cock from showing itself to her through my pants,she said it seems that you have a problem, & I said yes, she asked if she could do anything for me & we both laughed, we got off the bus together went for a drink & this young hispanic women made me feel very good, the end for now J.L.

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2/3/2006 12:09 am

J.L. we luv to watch and be watched. when ever we find ourselves in the position to watch some one putting on a show for anyone willing to take the time to look and see, we love to show at least what we've been shown. a few of our friends will sometime get together and roleplay for each others benifit. the people involved pick colored chips from a hat and black shows and white watches. then we switch off. each team tries to out do the other. be more brazen and riska. it doesn't take long before the cumming begins. lots of times people who just happen buy will get involved just a little or sometimes they are locked in with the games for the day. we never wear any kind of underwear and make sure we can be naked and then covered quickly if needed. back to the panties. we role played that everyone on our team was stuck out in public without even the shirt on their back. 2 woman sharing a huge over sized stadium coat. when not everyone is looking the one girl will drop to her knees and start to lick the other girls pussy. when people get to plentifull they just continue but with the coat blocking the view. there have been people not with us that have walked up to the girls and offered to hold the coat open so they are not obstructed. more woman then men have been the bolder of the 2. good wet fun with endless possibilities. your mind and imagination are the only limits.
we luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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