Nipple piercings!!  

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6/9/2006 5:25 pm

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Nipple piercings!!

So the other day, all day I thought about was getting my nipples pierced. I thought about how neato it would look to have cute little barbells, or darling little hoops in each nipple that would look at me every morning in the mirror and say "hello! I'm cute!" I mean how COOL is it to have peirced nipples?!? ...pierced nipples....pierced....oooo..ouch. I could just see the needle popping through the first taut skin poking into my very very very already sensitive nipple. There is no way in hell I was doing that S & M shit.

Which is precicely why I DID do it...for just the fact that it's the single thing I'd least have liked to be doing. I would 'one up myself' so to speak. Conquer my fears, overcome my phobias.... and get a natural high like none other.
I walked into Steel Expressions, straight up to the girl behind the counter, took a breath and said, "I'd like to get both my nipples pierced." Her eyes widened for a split second and I thought, "shit, what am I doing here?"
But she smiled and said, "alright! I like someone who knows what they want. Do you care if it's a male or female piercer?"

Of course I didn't, because everyone knows if you're confident enough to get your nipples pierced, then you really shouldnt give a damn about anything.

I filled out the paperwork signing my life away so that if for some strange reason the piercer slips and slices my chest open with his gargantuan HOLLOW needle, I won't sue him/her.

My piercer, a big, built white guy with a bald head came out and asked me if I was nervous... As my knee caps kept a steady rythm knocking against each other, I said, "Fuck yeah". He laughed the laugh of someone who is most definately not going to be getting needles shoved through them very soon, and said he was going out for a smoke before we started, so I immediately blocked the doorway threatening him with bodily harm if he didn't let me have one too, to calm the nerves. I Bullshited with him and his girlfriend who was the pretty girl behind the counter. They'd just opened the shop and in the first month done more than 200 piercings.

Heading back inside, I noticed a sign that said they only take cash. Crap. I had only brought my card. I'd have to leave and get cash. My bald piercer man stopped me from leaving and said, "lets just do this first, and then you can go get it, I trust you." I emited a nervous chuckle that was supposed to be some form of gratitude, but I took off my shirt and bra so he could look at what size of ring to chose.

I had asked for barbells but they were out so I chose rings in stead. It didn't help that bald man related all his horror stories saying that he only "really fucks up" one piercing in seven hundred, and the last one he fucked up was ten piercings ago so I'm don't need to worry.

We finally get the markings right and he tells me to take a deep breath, and on the exhale he'll push the needle through. 1...2...3, exhale..UUGHHNNNnnnnnn Whew... not as bad as I'd anticipated. It hurt like a mother, but once that initial sharp pain is over it's pretty constant and easy to just grit your teeth over.
The second nipple took longer, aparently my left nipple is tougher than the right. Ouch. More ouch.

It hurt like fuck, but they look hott!
I'm totally in love with them.

Only bummer is that I can't get any saliva on them till they heal. lol. damn.

SirMounts 103M

6/16/2006 7:03 am

Owch! *winking*
Welcome to blogging, jennilynsue. *smiling*

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