Oh baby!  

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8/18/2006 6:48 pm
Oh baby!

hello all! back by popular demand (believe it or not people actually requested this! I know, I'm shocked too.)
So what's been going on? I hope life is treating everyone grand, if not, hang in there- hope is a a jump hop and skip away:
So one of my buds sent me this childish 'application' I thought I would share with you- if you want too fill it out, you never know!

Please Fill Out And Email Back

-Birthday and Zodiac Sign:
-What do u think about me?:
-Favorite Food:
-Favorite Color:
-Do you like to cuddle?:
-Do you drink/smoke?:
-On our first date, where would u take me?:
-Do you have a car?:
-Do you get jealous?:
-Would u make me soup if i was sick =( :
-What kind of music do you like?:
-What are some of your fav. movies?:
-Is sex important?:
-What do u think my best physical feature is?:
-What doyou think your best physical feature is?
-What do u like best about my personality?:
-Why would YOU make me happy?:
-What are some of your good qualities?:
-What are some of your bad qualities?:
-What do you look for in a girl?:
-What do you look for in a guy?:
-How many girls have you slept with?:
-How many guys have you slept with?:
-Are you a party animal?:
-How would u make me laugh?:
-Do you have any tattoos or piercings?:
-Name one thing that is special about you:
-Do you cheat?:
-Anything else you would like to tell me?:

Don't you love these things!
What's new with me- let's see- I start school again in a few days, I just moved to a larger place (still living w/ the ex), an old flame dropped a line and clearly stated he wants sex (no thanks, if I wanted to be used for sex I oculd just stay home), and the kids are great.
I've been working on tring to get grants to open up my own restrauant/coffee house(cocktail 'place after 10)/bookstore. I have the lay out, design, colors, etc picked out, all I need is money-lol. I plan on trying to get a few paintings done and see if I can sale a few next year during BEllevilles art on the Squar. They say the runners of the whole thing are fickle, but I truely believe in my work. I'll display some drafts in the next few days...they're done w/ broken color pencils,so they're not that well blended and I only had a few choices in colors- Pain blends so much better, or I could do watercolors- why not both?
Gosh I've been iching to paint and or photography. I have a mag. job pending that might want a few of my picture or hiring me as a staff photographer which would be kick ass! I knolw the pay will suck, but at least I would have something to put in my profolio for later oportunities.
I may also be getting a job at a local restraunt-not saying which- that Ican also add to my weekly must do list. Classes Monday thru friday from 8-10, and work fridays,Sats,and Sundays- Somewhere between then and there I will PIANT DAMN IT! Of course I would need money for that, too. Damn it. It's all a circle- raound and round it go's!(sorry for the spelling- it's late- I'm tired)

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