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5/10/2006 7:28 pm

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Forgiveness. After all I've been through, how can I began to forgive him? I've been lied to, cheated on, and pushed aside but I have 2 kids with him and he's a great father. Where do I mend? I'm afraid to let down my walls because I can't let him in or it could end up right back were we started. I care for him deeply, but I know the he doesn't care fr me- never has, and never will. I get stuck in theses moments sometime where he looks at me the way he use to. Then I remeber he had the same look when he was seeing another girl a few days after we broke up. I can see where it's miss leading on lush and love. He's got the look down pat, so how do I remove myself from theses longing gazes? My mind says everything that I know is right, but whe nwe have theses moments I almost feel like he love me- really loves me. God help me because I need it!

Samtaker 69M

5/13/2006 7:07 pm

Let me say no one can tell you how or what to do! Are how to make your feeling take the right road. But then to I was cheated on by my other half time and time again. But now we sleep in two room under the same roof. Sometimes you just need to make a move, away from that person who you feel so hurt by and move onto new. Truly you can't let down your wall with him becauuse then your going to have more to think about when he cheats again on you. To just because he's a good father doesn't mean he is alway going to be true to just you. You can look into another mans eyes and see real love. But at the same time your alway going to be think of him way back in your mind. Its time to move on to new, and finding that someone who willing to be there if you need him to be. See you can graze into another mans eyes, and fill him wanting you, but then you must be open to knowing the whole life that is a head of you and forget what it is your trying to leave behind. I have seen alot over the times, but I know you can never truly look back, but move onto better things that await you out there. Many guys now days are only out for what can please them the most, and then they don't want to have their cake and not have more cake from someone else. They are alway out for everything they can get and it doesn't matter to them how much it hurts the person who love's them. You need to move on and out! Right now it sounds as if your kids are more inportant to you anyway. If you have had two by him and he is cheating on you he not wanting you for you!

rm_MrSmith7171 46M

5/15/2006 7:52 pm

I've been there, the lying and sneaking. Forgiveness? Not likely.....but I also know how it is to still care about someone who you can't forgive...
If you can't trust someone you can't be with them...that's what I've learned....

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