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5/24/2006 6:12 pm

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6/7/2006 5:03 am


I'm so erked right now. Why lie and use people for sex? Why? Good people get tossed aside just to make someone feel like their worth something. They sleep with three people at the same time, not letting them know that there are other people involved -sexually. No, they up front lie. And to make a child, then tell the mother to get rid of it so your dirty little secret stays just that. To ly in bed with a person, share intimate relations, then push them out of the house just before your' Babies momma' comes home- you tell this person that there's nothing going on, while they tell their' babies momma' the same damn thing. How is that being a good person? It's using people. And when they start to turn away, they act like that peron is worth something to them when really its just about the game they play- evil mean game. Covered by stupid lies, they claim it's not their business- Ya, if they get aids because you can't be honest- Is it they're business than?

drnick20054 29M

5/24/2006 8:45 pm

wo wo wo; who has aids? whose pregnant? maybe you should call maury on this one

out_for_a_ride 36M

5/24/2006 9:55 pm

all jokes aside, this is no laughing matter. too many people are willing to give too much credit to someone they don't really know. it doesn't take but one lie and mistake to be in a totally fucked position (no pun intended), and yet some people just don't care, or seem to feel that because they are a certain way that most everyone else is as well. that's why those more prone to lying trust very few people, and those more prone to honesty trust too many people. when is common sense going to be a characteristic valued by the masses? regards to advice, i'll suggest that if this is something you specifically are dealing with that it is an issue to arise because it's not been a lesson you've had a chance to learn before. now at least your eyes are open, and if they always were and you're venting about a friend or just someone you know, than offer them the same idea as comfort. it's all a big learning game, drama consists of two types...the present lessons you've yet to learn, and lessons you've been shown yet choose to ignore so they continually present themselves. would i be all too out of line to ask what the specifics are?

Samtaker 69M

5/25/2006 5:57 am

The last girl I dated was 20 years older, and so good at telling the guy she was living in with that notting was going on with any of the guys she was seeing. She already has a little boy, but then she could lie to anyone and make them beleive her. She came onto me in my truck one day by pulling her top up and saying look at my tits dad, not her dad at all, she just didn't like calling me by my name. But she never had any problem in telling me that she like being submissive towards men, (any Men)! But then I heard her lie to her boyfriend over the phone about how notting was going on, but I knew better. Well here I was the one who got pushed away not her, she said she couldn't any longer hide the fact of how she felt about me. She to wanted to many things oother then the bedroom fun. But then i would take her back in a moment if she came back. Why I just donn't know other then she excited me with her ways.

nevets81 35M
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5/27/2006 11:52 pm

first you kinda gotta sexy smile but other that wot about gals who lie lads dont even tell them there pergnent ant get rig with out even considerin wot the farther would like becoz some of us are honest and would stand by them plus i wouldent like some slag to give me aids just coz they havent the bottle to tell me

jenniferfreak 37F

6/7/2006 5:03 am

true, that gos both ways. Sometimes the fathers want the baby and the mothers don't . They say it's a woman's choice what happenes to her body (guessing that includes the stratch marks, etc) but fathers should have a choice,too. Her body,yes, their child.

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