jellogirlhere 50F
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2/11/2006 8:54 pm

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1/24/2007 6:19 am


I'd wish for free tickets to all the fun parks
And fireworks every night after dark.
If i could get it - I'd wish for a monkey
And someone to clean up its cage when it's gunky.
I'd wish for peace and that we all got along
And a immediate end to boring songs.
A wish for a spaceship ain't out of the question.
What would be better - got a suggestion?
I'd wish for a grab bag or pile of stuff,
But sometimes you don't get quite enough.
How 'bout a chocolaty, ten-layer cake?
I'd wish for it all-but this wishbone won't break

rm_2Fems2Moan4U 50F
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2/12/2006 11:44 am

I wish that friends wouldn't lie
I wish that my mate would just die
I wish I could look up into the sky
And not have a tear fall from my eye
I wish my life to go away
And never come again another day

GrownTimedTitus 31M
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2/23/2006 10:24 pm

I. A Sun Light shines on all my life each week,
But every other week I get the dark of moon,
In the Light week I feel like it gets bleak,
In the Dark Week I'm like a rose in bloom,
II. A life of Fun or a Life of boredom,
A time of laughter or a long silence,
I feel like a prince in a lost kingdom,
A youth of wrongs in need or repentance,
III. A life without purpose is meaningless,
A ride that ends nowhere but starts somehow,
But my Friends and God I will Always Bless,
To all who have been there for me I bow,
IV. I think I see a full future for me,
Or it could all be a void Fantasy?

SugarDaddy69694 55M

1/6/2007 10:24 pm

Pull Harder! or let the bone dry some more. You will get your wishes when it is their(your) time.

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