My Nooner with LadyLove  

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2/2/2006 6:09 pm

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My Nooner with LadyLove

I had the house cleaned up and a fresh comforter layed out for this meeting. I found some sexy music on the internet and made a special CD to have sex to. I put a boom box in the room and had it ready to play when we arrived.

We met in a local parking lot and found our way back to my house. Downstairs we shared some very passionate/lustful kisses. She removed her red warm top to reveal a sexy black top. We headed upstairs.

We kissed some more and as a preporatory move, I unlatched the bra in the back. We found our way to the bed and made out for quite a while, fondling and grinding various parts of each other's body.

I removed her top and found the largest boobs I had ever had the priviledge of seeing only a foot from my eyes. I didn't realize DD was this large. I immediately remembered that I left the camera downstairs, so I quickly went back upstairs to get it. I returned and remembered to turn on mysexy CD.

We then continued kissing, groping and making the body landscape wet in many locations. Sooner or later, we both seemed to be naked.

I slowed kissed up from the foot of her left leg all the way up to her totally shaven pussy. I gave her just some passing light kisses and continued back down the right leg. After making sure each leg was properly attended to, I started working on her wet pussy. Very tasty and gorgeous. My right finger even joined in the fun.

Not wanting to forget the gorgeous tits, I started massaging them while eating her out. To my surprise she started licking the finger that was recently in her pussy. This turned me on (as you can imagine). Was I mistaken? Was she really licking her own juices? Hmmm ... Let's see.

So I took my naughty right finger to her pussy and soaked it with the moistness of her juices. I then went to her mouth and she eagerly licked it clean. Wow ... this is great I thought.

After a lot of oral pleasures for her, I let her taste some cock. All this work had gotten me quite aroused, so I didn't let her please me too much down there. But she got enough precum to satisfy her.

Back and forth we licked, kissed, groped and smiled! Finally it was time to get my cock inside her pussy. So I put on a condom and started fucking her. That felt nice and from the look in her eyes, I could tell she felt good too.

We fucked in a few different positions. I had her go doggie style and found the really likes the hair-pulling. I did as well!

The CD which was 55 minutes long had ran out about 10 minutes ago. I knew my load was filling up from so much sex play, it was time for me to cum.

I turned her back over and started fucking hard for my last grand finale. I pumped and pumped and tightened as much as I could to hold it. I finally could hold it no more and came hard. The condoms recepticle end fill up quick.

We relaxed a bit, got cleaned up and then dropped her back off at her car.

We've talked a few times since and plan on getting together again soon.

I'm glad her husband enjoyed the photos!

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