Train Trip  

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Train Trip

Slowly I walk through the isle of the train to cure the boredom of the long trip. I occasionally look through the window at the countryside passing by. I almost get to the end of the car to move on to the next when our eyes make contact. You show me a bright smile before you look down out of embarrassment. I almost walk past your seat but decide to stop and look at you one more time. You look back up at me and I ask, “Is this seat taken?” You move some of your things and answer, “No it not.” I place my duffle bag and bedroll in the overhead and sit next to you. “I am glad you said yes I was kind of board,” I tell you, “and I needed a friend.” You smile at me and say, “I am glad you asked I was kind of board too.” We chat through the hours as the countryside flies past the window. We talk and flirt with each other gently touching knees, running fingertips over an arm or placing a hand on a leg. As day turns into night they turn the lights off in the cars as all the travelers settle down for a long nights ride. “Would you like to share my blanket?” I ask. You touch my arm and say, “Yes that would be nice.” I retrieve my blanket and we spread it over ourselves. You move your arm behind my back and rest your head against my shoulder and neck. You lay your other hand on my chest. I slide my arm around your waist as we nuzzle together. I pull the blanket up to our necks while you start to unbutton my shirt and run your fingers through the hair on my chest. My hand moves down your hip and touches your bare leg under the hem of your dress. I move my fingertips up and down your leg in a slow circular motion. Every time I move my hand up I get farther under your dress teasing you causing you to start to feel yourself getting warm and wet. I feel you move your hand down from my chest and onto my leg as you start to rub my inner thigh. We start to gently cuddle and rub our bodies together as I feel you press your breast against my side and move your hand to rub the outline of my hardness underneath my slacks. I move my hand up your inner thigh and gently rub your pussy with my palm. You turn your head and start to nibble my neck and kiss me there. I move my other hand and run it back and forth over your arm until it finds your breast where I fondle you gently. People walk past us unaware of the sensations we are giving each other heightening our arousal. The naughty forbidden act of our sexual arousal makes us both more daring and want more. You start to unbutton my slacks and softly touch the naked skin of my hard penis. I let out a soft moan that only you can hear as my fingertip works it’s way into your panties and enters you gently. The sensation of my finger makes you moan against my neck while we enjoy each other’s touch. I slide my wet slippery finger up between your vulva and spread you juices over your lips and slide back inside you. I tease and explore you making your pussy wet and slippery. You fingertips touch and tickle me back touching the loose soft skin holding my balls and moving up the shaft to tease my sensitive tip. Slow and light I touch your clit swirling my fingertip around it gently. Your hips start to tingle as you start to wiggle your body slowly to my touch. I slide back inside you to get my fingertip wet again as I move back to tickle you very light and softly. My soft touch on your clit brings your pleasure up and as I slide back inside you I bring you gently down. My teasing finger is building your desire as you put your hand around my hard shaft and start to stroke me gently as you imagine the feeling of me being inside you. My finger moves to your clit as I tickle your faster the pleasure radiates from your pussy to your legs and back as you rotate your hips to the sensation of my touch. I build your climax with each movement of my finger. I feel you grip my shaft tightly as a surge of energy fuels your orgasm making your hips and legs shake. The sensation grows stronger as you whisper into my ear “Stop!” for fear of crying out loudly in pleasure. I slide back inside you to gently stroke the inside of your pussy while you stroke me and whisper in my ear, “I need you now!” I look into your wanting eyes and tell you in a whisper, “Take off your panties and put them in your purse.” I move my arm around and button my slack while you remove your panties. I move the blanket off of us and take you by the hand and lead you to the back of the train car where the rest rooms are. You go inside the ladies room to make sure it is vacant then you open the door and grab my hand to whisk me inside. We close and lock the door quickly as our passions burn lustfully inside us. We embrace and kiss deeply as we rub our bodies together. I kneel down in front of you as I lift your dress up over your hips. You place your leg over my shoulder as my hand move under your legs to grab your bottom and pull you into my hungry tongue. Warm and wet my tongue slides across your sensitive clit making your hips thrust into my face. Your hands hold the back of my head and pull me closer as my tongue quickly twists and turns over your hot clit. The sensation builds inside you until you can’t stand it and need to feel me inside you move your hands under my arms and start to pull me up. As I stand you quickly unbutton my slacks and push them off my hips. You push me down to sit on the john as you hike up your dress and climb on top of me. Your hand grabs my shaft as your hips come down taking me deep inside you filling your inner pussy with the tingling sensation of pleasure. My hands work their way under your dress and up to fondle your breast as you start to move your horny pussy up and down over my cock. I feel your nipple through your bra as I move my hands behind you to unfasten it. Moving my hands back around under your loose bra I touch your naked breast pinching and tickling your nipples. I look up and see your hair dancing over your shoulders as you ride me faster and faster. My cock feels so good inside you as you please us with your rhythm. The tingling grows inside you as you lean forward closer to me. I feel your hair tickle my face as you thrust your hips up and down over my hard cock. As your climax arrives you wrap your arms around me and moan into my ear. My hand move to grab your shoulder while the other grabs your hip as I start to thrust my cock deep inside you. You body shakes as your orgasms grow stronger sending electric charges through your legs and making your knees week. “I am almost there!” I gasp as I pound inside your quivering wet pussy. I let out a moan as I explode my load inside you. You week body falls on me as we hold each other tight. You are dizzy from your orgasm as you kiss me gently. My hands move lightly up and down your body touching your bare flesh under your dress keeping your senses alive with pleasure. You get up from me and we stand up I hold you in my arms and kiss your lip gently. I pull away and turn on the water in the sink as I take a paper towel and get it wet with the warm water. “Lift up our skirt.” I tell you as I clean our juices from your pussy. Taking another towel I gently dry you off. Then you do the same to me. The feeling of the warm wet towel and your touch on my cock makes me hard again as you giggle at my sudden erection “What should we do with this?” you teasingly ask me while you stroke my hard cock. I put my hands around your waist and say “I can thing of a few thing.” Then I turn you around holding one hand on your belly and the other on your shoulder I bend you over until you are grabbing the sink in front of you. I move your dress over your hips and touch your firm naked bottom with my hands before I slide inside you again. You are still very wet as your inner pussy envelops my hard cock. Slowly I move in and out of you my hands run under your dress and over the bare skin of your back and hips. The slow rhythm of my cock arouses you and makes you very horny again. You soft moans drive me to move quicker. You hips rotate to the pleasure I am giving you. My hand move down and around your hips to touch your clit making you jump because of the sudden electrifying sensation. Faster I stroke and tickle you as your climax builds. The tingling sensation feels like thousands of little hands touching and tickling your body overpowering you with pleasure. Suddenly your orgasm hits sending a shower of sparks over you causing you to shiver and wiggle with joy. I stroke faster inside you. I feel your warm juices leak down my shaft and legs driving me wild with the desire to please you. The intensity of your orgasms multiply with each stroke until your body involuntarily stands up and my cock slide out of you and rub against your bottom. I hold you tight as I kiss the back of your neck. You turn around and kiss my lips before you lower yourself down and gently lick me and take me into your warm mouth. You lovingly lick and suck me as my hip rotate to the pleasure you are giving me. You want to give me pleasure, you want to show my cock how good it made you feel. Faster you move your mouth over my shaft and head stopping only to run the tip of your tongue around my sensitive head before taking me back into your loving mouth. My hands move down the front of your dress to touch your breasts. The feeling of your mouth is causing me to tingle as I tell you “I’m cuming!” You feel my cock swell inside your mouth as you move faster trying to draw my climax with your warm wet lips, tongue and mouth. “I can’t hold it!” I cry out only to drive your mouth to move faster over my hard cock. My body stiffens as my climax erupts inside you. My body shivers and my knees get week as the fluid sensation of my orgasm expands through my body. You softly suckle my head in your lips using the flat of your tongue against the front of my head. You lips and tongue keep the tingling alive in my cock and body making me wiggle and moan. You pull away and run your tongue over the head one more time before you pull my slacks back up my legs and over my hips. You button my slacks and stand up in front of me. I wrap my hands around your waist and pull you close kissing your lips tenderly. I can taste our juices on your lips, as I get aroused again. You can feel my hard cock against your stomach. “We better go back before someone finds us.” I say as you unlock the door and look out. No one is around as we leave the ladies room and walk hand in hand back to our seats. When we sit down we draw the blanket back over us and cuddle beneath it. We put our arms around each other you put your head back on my shoulder and rub you breast against me. I touch your arms and your sides while you touch my chest. We start to arouse each other again as my hand move down your body to touch your leg and your hand unbuttons me and touches my cock. You feel yourself getting warm and wet again as my hand move up your inner thigh to touch the soft skin of your pussy lips. I start to tickle your clit as you stroke me we both moan so softly only we can hear each other. Our hips tingle with excitement again as we touch each other lightly in the darkness of the train car. There are a few people sleeping around us who are unaware of our under the blanket activities. Your legs start to wiggle as I lightly tickle you slowly building your pleasure up. Being in a train full of other people help to stimulate our naughty fun and builds our excitement. You kiss my neck and whisper in my ear, “You are making me feel so good I want you again!” as your hand moves faster over my cock. I kiss you lips while my fingertips moves faster over your clit. You feel the tingling start to spread again as your hips rotate. “Oh yes!” you gasp in my ear as your orgasm hits. You tighten your legs around my hand and hold me tight until I stop my tickling fingertip. My hands move to your waist as I turn you around and hold your back to my chest. I pull the blanket over us then I pull your dress up over your hips and start to rub my cock against your bottom. The thought of us making love right there in the train seat is so wickedly exciting it makes your body shiver. You start to rotate your hips against my cock and move your body into a position I can enter you better. I slide my hard shaft slowly inside your dripping wet pussy and start to stroke you very slowly. The excitement and the feeling of me inside you are so stimulating you feel your juices flow. I am very aroused at the wetness of your pussy as I glide my hardness in and out of you with easy. You rotate your hips gently as I fuck you so smoothly making our bodies feel alive and full of energy. I move my hand around to touch your clit and tickle it gently with a very light touch. I pull my cock almost out of you and slide my fingertip inside you next to my cock to gather and slide some of your juices to your clit to keep it wet and slippery. Still moving slowly and gently with both my finger and cock I make you’re hot wet pussy tingle. I look around and know no one can see us as I move faster. The feeling of my hardness and twirling finger coupled with the excitement of where we are makes your orgasm build faster. Your hips wiggle as I stroke you with growing speed until I feel your body shake and your pussy quiver around my cock. Your orgasms grow as you fight back your moans wanting me to cum inside you before you scream out in ecstasy. My hands hold your hips as I move faster building up my climax. I feel it start at the base of my cock as the sensation flies up the shaft and makes the head of my cock alive with pleasure. You feel me swell inside you right before you feel my hot juices explode inside you. Our bodies quiver together as I slowly move in and out. After a moment I pull out of you and you roll over to hold me and kiss me. “Wow that was so wild!” you whisper in my ear. As we cuddle together I feel you pull my slack up as we hold each other. You button me as you lay your head on my shoulder and we both drift to sleep in each other’s arms on the rocking train.

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3/29/2006 6:00 pm

Oh..that was good..
So very hot!!!

ce_64667 54F

12/27/2007 10:45 pm

ohmygoodness...that was hot, JD.

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rm_jd29992z replies on 12/30/2007 3:20 pm:
Glad you like the train story you have been around here cool. Would you believe that this stroy really happened? It did! And yes it was very hot having sex in public like that hmmmm later sexy JD

BTW would you like to take a trip with me??????

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