The Picnic  

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The Picnic

We are walking hand in hand through the wood looking for the perfect spot for our picnic. I am carrying the cooler and you have the blanket. We come to a small clearing where the sun is shining through the trees, “This looks like a great spot.” You tell me as you run from me to stand in the center of the clearing with your arms out and your face drawn back feeling the warm sun on your face.

“Yes this is a very good spot.” I answer back as I am setting the cooler down. We gather up the blanket and unfold it to set it on the ground. We hold the corners and fluff it in the air and gently set it to the ground. I put the cooler on the top portion to hold the blanket down from the light breeze that is blowing.

You turn around and bend over at the waist to fix one of the corners of the blanket purposely showing me your bottom underneath your short jeans skirt. I can see the silky fabric of your panties tight against the curve of your bottom and the slight bulge of your pussy between your slightly spread legs. I get erect immediately as I watch you wiggle your bottom in my direction.

I stand up and walk up behind you as you stand. Gently I slip my arms around your waist and pull you close to me and start to lightly kiss your neck as my hand move down your waist and under your skirt. You can feel my erection rubbing you in the small of your back and you say, “I can tell you are thinking about me!” with a giggle as my hand moves up your inner thigh to tenderly massage your pussy. “Always babe!” I whisper in your ear as my lips continue to kiss and nibble your neck.

My other hand moves under your top to fondle your breasts while you wiggle your bottom against my hard shaft. My tickling fingers make your pussy tingle with anticipation and excitement. My fingertip runs up the outside of your panties and finds your clitoris hiding underneath the silky fabric. Your body jumps slightly at the sensation as you let out a gentle moan. Twirling softly I stimulate you as you feel your juices start to flow. Closing your eyes and rolling your head back you relax to enjoy my soft touch.

I slide my finger down and feel you warm wetness beneath your panties and I glide my fingertip through the leg band of your panties and inside your moist opening. Gently I move in and out until my fingertip is slippery with your juices and I part your naked lips as I move my fingertip slowly up to touch your hot sensitive clit. Sparks fly from your pussy as my touch twirls around you sweeping you away in ecstasy. Your body wiggles in rhythm to my touch as we share our exotic dance.

The tingling sensation is so wickedly wonderful that you surrender to my touch and let the feeling of pleasure take you away. The speed of my finger increases building your climax and sending an electric charge down your legs making your knees weak and your toes tingle with excitement. Your hands grab my arm that is tickling you and squeezes as your orgasm blossoms inside you and erupts with an explosion of tingling pleasure shooting over your body. Your knees feel wobbly as you slump over in my grasp as currents of pleasure take over your body. I move my arms around you to hold you steady as your climax subsides and I kiss you smooth neck. You sigh in delight as your tingling body regains its strength.

I gently guide you to a near by tree and bend you over at the waist. Hiking up your skirt I slide my fingers into the waistband of your panties and slide them down your hips and off your legs. I kneel down to take your panties off your feet and I start to kiss the back of your sleek legs. My hands lightly run up and down your legs as my lips and tongue work their way up your legs to caress the smooth cheeks of your bottom. My hand moves up your inner thigh and gently cups your pussy to feel your soft fuzz and your wet lips.

Your anticipation for my hard cock grows while I touch and tease you with lips, tongue and tender hands. I kiss your leg as I wiggle my body between your legs and sit on the ground with you straddling above me my warm tongue makes it’s slow migration up your smooth inner thigh. I hold your hips and pull your pussy down while you rub your pussy into my face. You gasp for air as the tip of my tongue parts your lips and tenderly tickles your clit. Your juice leek down my chin as my tongue moves faster. I kiss down your leg and move back behind you.

I stand up behind you and unfasten my kaki shorts and let them fall to the ground my hands hold your hips as I step out of them. The feeling of my smooth naked cock rubbing your bottom makes you stir as I continue to tease you. You feel your juices leak down your inner thighs as I slide my shaft up and down between your cheeks. I move my cock down and slide it between your legs and stroke it against your tingling pussy lips and my rubbing head tickles your clit.

My tease is driving you wild with anticipation as the head of my cock rubs against your sensitive clit. Your pussy feel so tingly it almost itched you want it so bad as you wiggle your hips trying to get me inside you but I keep up the tease. You can’t take it any more when I feel your hand grab my shaft and guide it exactly where you want it inside your wet horny pussy. We both moan as I penetrate your warm wet opening and slide slowly inside you. You push back with your hips to take it all inside you.

My cock fills you with pleasure as I slide it gently in and out rotating my hips as I do this. My hands touch the soft skin of your bottom and hips sending shivers up your back. Slowly and gently I move my hips back and forth in a slow rhythm sending a current of pleasure over your body filling your pussy with pleasure.

Your wiggling hips and low moaning sounds arouse me causing my speed to increase. The light sounds of our slapping flesh fill the air of the clearing while we make love in the open countryside. Lightly my fingertips move down your hip and under your waist sliding softly against your pussy to rub you gently there. Using the palm of my hand I put gentle pressure there rotating my hand around in a small circle. Moving my hand down and then slowly back up I hold your wet vulva between my fingers and gently rub them together. The sparks start to fly as you feel the warm sun against your neck soothing the chills y touch is giving you.

A single fingertip slides between your lips and enters you next to my erection just long enough to get slippery and wet. Slowly it moves up in a circular motion. You anticipate what is going to happen next and you arch your back. The sensation of my fingers tickling your clit and my cock sliding inside you sends tremors out of your hips as you grind against me. The more you wiggle the faster I move building our pleasure with each stroke.

Your hands grip the tree tightly as your climax builds. The smooth sensation of my hard sliding cock brings you to the brink of orgasm causing you to arch your back and throw your head back in delight. You feel the fingers of your orgasm move over your body like a multitude of ants tingling your flesh from head to toe with pleasure. You cry out as the full force of your climax hits you causing your body to shake uncontrollably from the pleasure.

I move faster inside you while I feel your lovely juices leak down my cock and over my genitals. The sound of our slapping flesh and your loud cries fills the small clearing while I continue to stroke you wildly. Orgasm after orgasm rocks your supple body until the sensation becomes too intense you feel your knees get week and feel like they will collapse. You stand straight up as your back slams into my chest and I wrap my arms around you to hold your quivering body steady.

I kiss your neck and gently giving you goose bumps as I move in and out very slowly while your breathing returns to normal. I pull slowly out of you and turn you around to kiss you deeply. My hands grab the bottom of your top and slide it up and over your shoulders. I kiss your neck again while my hands find the buttons and zipper of your skirt and I slowly undress you.

Our naked bodies entwine and gently fall to the blanket feeling the gently touch of the sun dance over our flesh. We hold each other tight and I rub my chest against your soft breasts. I roll on top of you and slide my thigh between your legs to rub your pussy. You feel the tingle in your pussy grow again while I rub my body against yours.

Our lips are tightly pressed together while our tongue twist and dance. My soft touch runs over your body absorbing the sensation of your warm soft skin. I pull away from you and look into your eyes and smile then I move away to reach into the cooler. I put a piece of ice into my mouth and start to kiss your hard nipples. I roll the cold cube over your nipple with my warm tongue sending shivers over your body. I can fell your nipple harden with my lips. Fingers of pleasure move over you making your pussy tingle again. Your hands rub the back of my head as your hips grind your wet pussy against my leg.

Slowly I move down your supple naked flesh licking and moving the ice over your skin. The sensation of my warm tongue and the cold ice gives you goose bumps over your entire naked body. I slide between your legs and slide the ice inside you with my tongue and suck it back out with my mouth fucking you with the cold piece of ice. The warm and the cold makes you quiver with excitement and moan with pleasure. I slide the ice between and across your lips before I rub the ice over your clit.

The sensation makes your body jumps as the super cold send a flood of pleasure over your body. Your legs lift up and wiggle against my face as I lick and rub your clit with tongue and ice. The ice makes the nub of your clit hard and super sensitive while my warm tongue sends shiver of pleasure gushing over your body.

Your hands rub my shoulders as you wiggle your hips to the sensation. I switch the ice and my tongue over your clit building your climax. My hands grip your hips holding your wiggling body while I continue to stimulate your clit until you explode in pleasure with the intensity of a flash of lighting through your body.

Your legs grip my face tight as your body shakes from your intense orgasm. My cock is throbbing knowing of the pleasure I am giving you. Your hands push my head as you squeal and shake rolling your body left to right trying to stop the intense tingle of your orgasm. I pull away from you and move up kissing your quivering body to kiss your neck, cheek and lips.

You place your hands on my shoulders and roll me onto my back. You pull away from our kiss and look into my eyes and say with a smile, “You are such a naughty boy!” Now you reach into the cooler and put an ice cube in your mouth and kiss down my body. Your warm lips and tongue contrast the ice, now it’s my turn to wiggle.

You hold my cock in your hands and the cube in your lips as you run it up and down my hard shaft and around the top of my head. My hands grip the blanket as the sensation is driving me wild. You slide my cock into your mouth with the ice and work your mouth and the ice over the head of my cock. Goose bump pop up over my arms and chest as the wonderful sensation fills my senses with erotic pleasure.

Your hand fondles my genitals while the other strokes my shaft, as your mouth makes loves the head of my cock. You take the ice out of your mouth so you can take all of me in your mouth and you start to move faster over my shaft. You hold the ice in your hand and run it over my genital as you suck me wildly.

I feel your hair tickle my legs as you make love to my cock with your mouth. You feel me wiggle and hear me moan to the pleasure you are giving me, and it makes your pussy gush with your hot juices. My cock swells inside your mouth and my genitals tighten inside me as my climax draws near. “I can’t hold it!” I cry out as I fight to hold my orgasm back but your quickly moving mouth and tickling tongue makes me explode inside your loving mouth.

My hot juices leak out of your mouth and down my cock as you lick me clean. Your teasing tongue tickles the super sensitive head of my cock making it jump and I moan in pleasure. You stroke my shaft gently with your soft touch wanting desperately to feel me inside you again.

You get up on you knees and straddle me while you rub your pussy against my cock to tease me. You pull my cock tight against your pussy as you rotate your hips to masturbate us both. The feeling of my cock rubbing against your sensitive clit sends shiver over your body as you roll your hips faster. My hands run up to fondle your bouncing breast as we rub against each other.

You rotate your hips and slide me inside you. You feel my cock spread open your tight opening as you move your hips down to engulf my entire shaft inside you. You move your hips up and down over my cock. I watch my cock disappear inside your beautiful pussy and come back out all shiny and wet from your juices and throb with excitement.

Your lovely breasts heave and bounce with every stroke you take and your hair dancing over your shoulders. Your warm wetness leaks down my cock as we thrust into each other in the warm sunshine. My roaming fingertips send shivers over your body while my hard cock fills your inner pussy with tingling pleasure. One of my hands grab your hips while the other massages your breast while I thrust up into your wet gushing pussy.

Faster and faster we pound each other while our pleasure increases. You feel your climax grow as my cock swells inside you. “Make me cum!” I cry out as your body feels the electrifying sensation of your orgasm spread from your loins through out your body. Your body shakes on top of mine as you throw your head back in climax and feel my cock quiver inside you as I expel my hot cum inside you wet loving pussy.

Losing control you fall on top of me as our bodies quiver together in pleasure. We roll onto our sides as I very slowly move my cock in and out of you. The feeling of the warm sun dances over your body as I kiss your lovely neck sending a shiver over you again. We lie on the blanket slowly rotating our hips while the pleasure of our love making washes over us and the sun tickles us in warmth.


4/23/2006 9:03 am

Faster and faster we pound each other while our pleasure increases. You feel your climax grow as my cock swells inside you. “Make me cum!” I cry out as your body feels the electrifying sensation of your orgasm spread from your loins through out your body. Your body shakes on top of mine as you throw your head back in climax and feel my cock quiver inside you as I expel my hot cum inside you wet loving pussy.

Gotta towel? lol {=}

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

rm_jd29992z replies on 4/23/2006 9:37 am:
I am soooooooo glad it was good for you too! You know it is very hard sometime when I write (well you know) I have to stop and walk away before I (well you know again). Before I get in trouble thanks. Hey did you get the pic I sent you hope I did not scare you too bad Ha Ha! See you in the blog land drop me a line any time. I am working on a new story it will be a little diferent ut sexy none the less. I can send you some batteries do you use AA or C? See you babe JD

rm_jd29992z replies on 4/27/2006 9:21 pm:
Hi MO just a quick note I do have a new story out if you are interested JD

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4/23/2006 1:18 pm

Well, I think with this one you could surpass the 20-30 times that Mr. Big Dick says he can produce


rm_jd29992z replies on 4/23/2006 2:30 pm:
Thanks, I sure would like to give it a try but like you said anything longer then 4 hours!!! Hmmmmmm isn't that want vibrators are for to pick up the slack in DOWN time ha ha ha ha!!!! See you glad you like the story JD

rm_jd29992z replies on 4/27/2006 9:20 pm:
Hi just a quick note I do have a new story if you are interested see you JD

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4/25/2006 7:39 pm

Loved your story...
love picnics

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

rm_jd29992z replies on 4/25/2006 9:21 pm:
Yes a picnic is very nice the warm sun, fresh air, the out doors and hot steaming sex ooooooooh nothing better!!! Glad you liked the story JD

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4/26/2006 2:24 pm

lol damn, made my panties we...very nice dude

only EVIL when provoked

rm_jd29992z replies on 4/27/2006 12:29 am:
Well I guess you just have to send me the laundry bill I will be glad to pay it!!!!!! Well every time I look at your hot picture I get VERY hard so I guess now we are even. I sould have another one comming out very soon so keep a look out if you are interested. If I could ask you a question? You are very hot sexy and kind of kinky so send me a situation for a story you would like to read if you want. Well thank you for reading and the complement (wet panties is the desired responce) see you JD

TabithaElectra79 39F

4/27/2006 3:09 am

I love picnics!

rm_jd29992z replies on 4/27/2006 9:57 am:
I love picnics too all the fresh air sunshine out ith nature and the hot steamy sez ooooooh!!! Thanks for stopping by I should have a new story in a day or two keep a look out if you are interested. JD


5/29/2006 12:42 pm

Nice I think I remember a similar story.

rm_jd29992z replies on 5/29/2006 8:20 pm:
Yes you do i rewrote some of my stories and put them here I sometimes write new ones or rewrite old ones it just depends thanks for stopping by Jim

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3/6/2008 8:05 pm

Mmmmmmm...oh my, JD. I like this one!!

(*giggles* I have one I wrote, never posted though, sex outside and there was a little bit of ice involved...not like this though...)

"All you'll get from strangers is surface pleasantry or indifference. Only someone who loves you will criticize you." - Judith Crist, crack film critic

rm_jd29992z replies on 3/17/2008 7:58 pm:
I am glad you are enjoying some of my older stories I too like this one I told you about the power of an ice cube hmmmmmm I am sure you will like it. I love flirting with you too bad you love so far away kind of silly to drive all tat way to meet for coffee hehehehe later babe and thanks for reading this old stuff later JD

Oh there is part 2 of the new story out enjoy

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