The Hot Shower  

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The Hot Shower

The warm water sprinkles off our naked bodies as we rub our wet bodies together. Our hands move up and down wet naked flesh as we sway together in the shower. I take the soap and pour some in the palm of my hand as I spread the slippery fluid over your shoulders and down your arms. I take the bottle and pour more soap over your breasts as I rub the soap gently over your breasts. Your soft slippery flesh feels so good as I lather your body. I slide my leg between yours as I rub your soapy breasts sending chills of pleasure over your body. My soapy hands move down your sides and over your hips as I move them back up spreading the lather over you slowly and gently. I pour more soap into my hand as I spread the soap down one leg then the other. I kneel in front of you as I lather your legs I start from just a little below your pussy and slowly rub and lather you down your soft leg. I lift your leg with one hand as I lather your foot with the other. I place your foot back down and I lift your other leg. My hand massages your lower leg and foot. Your hands are on my shoulders as you feel my gentle touch on your leg and foot as you moan from the pleasure I am giving you. I place your foot back down and stand up in front of you. I pour more soap into my hand as I lather your hungry pussy. You feel my hand move across your pussy gently lathering you up. Your hips rotate to the tingling sensation my touch is giving you. I pour more soap and lather your bottom. One hand move up and down your bottom while my other hand rubs your pussy. I kiss your neck as I touch you gently. You feel my fingertip move up between your lips as I tickle your clit while my other hand moves down your bottom and slides inside you. You feel two wet and slippery fingertips touching you, tickling you, and banging you filling you with desire. Our lips meet as we kiss passionately. The warm water spraying over our bodies as my fingertip brings you to climax. You feel the electricity flow over your body. You pull your lips away from mine as you moan from the wonderful pleasure. Your hips rotate faster as I build your climax and at the right moment I stop my tickling fingertip and rub your pussy with the palm of my hand. Your desire is growing as my fingertip start to tickle you again building you up. Your arms wrap tightly around me and you rub your wet soapy breasts against my chest. Faster my fingertip moves over your wet, slippery clit. I feel your hot breath on my neck as your climax grows. This time I don’t stop as I move my fingertip faster until your body start to shake and wiggle as your orgasm explodes inside you. My fingertip continues to tickle as I bring your orgasms one after the next. I tickle you until you can’t take it and say, “STOP!” My fingertip stops as my hand lightly and gently rubs your pussy. You take the bottle of soap and pour the slippery fluid into the palm of your hand and gently start to rub my hard cock. You use both of your hands to lather and masturbate my cock. One of your hands lightly runs across the tip of my cock while the other strokes me gently. My hands can’t stay off your wet slippery body as I touch your naked flesh. Faster you stroke me building my desire for you. I kiss your neck as I move in font of you and hold you tight and we rub our wet slippery bodies together. The sensation of your body builds my arousal. I move my hard cock down between your legs and start to rub my soapy cock against your wet slippery pussy. We kiss as our arms wrap tightly around each other holding tightly as we rub our slippery bodies together. My cock rubs against your horny pussy sending shivers though our hot bodies. Faster I rub against you as you moan with pleasure teasing your pussy. I rotate my hips down as I slide my slippery cock slowly inside you filling your inner pussy with the pleasure you have been so horny for. Our bodies move in rhythm as I stroke you so slowly and gently. My hands are moving all over your body touching and tickling you. You feel so good as my cock move in and out and your hands grab my ass and try to pull me inside you faster. One of my hands move down your body and over your hip as I move it down between us to tickle your clit. Your leg moves up my body and wraps around my waist and holds me tight. Faster I tickle you as I move inside you. My other hand moves down your bottom and you feel my slippery fingertip start to tickle around the edge of the opening of your bottom. Gently I tickle you there as my other fingertip tickles your clit. Faster I tickle and make love to you as our wet soapy bodies rub together. The tingling sensation spreads through out your body as you kiss my neck and hold me tight. Your moans drive me wild as I move faster and faster until your body starts to shake and your orgasm erupts in wild pleasure. I hold you tightly as your body shakes against me. I make love to you until I feel like your body may fall. I stop my stroking as I hold you tight. I kiss your neck as I very slowly move in and out of you. You feel me move almost out of you before I slowly slide back inside you. I move in and out as I whisper in your ear, “Do you want to go to bed?” “Yes!” you say as I pull my cock out of you slowly. We rinse our bodies off in the warm water our hands wiping the soap off each other’s flesh. We turn off the water and start to dry each other out. We leave the bathroom and walk to the bed. I hold you and pull you close to me as I kiss you very passionately touching your warm clean body. You feel so warm and wet as we kiss and you can feel my hard cock against your flesh as we rub out bodies together. Our arms are wrapped around each other as we fall onto the bed our arms and leg wrapped tightly around each other. We roll on the bed hands touching and bodies rubbing our mouths are tightly pressed together as our tongues dance and twist together. I start to kiss your neck and I work my way down your body. I kiss and lick your nipples gently enjoying the sensation of the soft skin of your breast and your hard nipples. Your hands are touching me and rubbing my shoulders. My twisting tongue wraps around your hard nipples as my hands move over your body making your pussy tingle with excitement. Slowly I kiss down your soft body the feeling of your skin against my lips makes me throb. My tongue sends shivers over your body as I lick and kiss your belly and work my way down to your hips. I kiss your hips and work my way between your legs as you spread your legs apart to let me in. I run my tongue over your pussy and your flavor drives me wild! I run my tongue around your opening and up and down your soft wet lips. I feel your legs rubbing against my face as my hands move over your body. I push myself up and get off the bed. I go to the nightstand and get your vibrator and climb back on the bed. You hear the soft hum of the toy as I turn it on. I touch the wiggling tip to your nipples as I lower my mouth to our pussy and continue to explore you with my warm wet tongue. I move the toy from one breast to the next teasing and tickling your nipples. I move the toy down your body as the tip of my tongue starts to tickle your clit. Your pussy tingle from my twirling tongue as the toy moves down your inner thigh. I slowly move the toy back up your leg and gently slide to vibrating toy inside you sending shivers over your body. Your hips rotate to the sensation of my tongue and the toy that is pleasing you. Your hands grasp my shoulders and neck as your legs move up and down and you thrust your hips to the stroking toy and my twirling tongue. Your moaning is driving me wild as I slide the toy out of you. I spread your lips apart with my fingertips as I slide the slippery tip of the vibrator to touch your clit and send a current of pleasure surging from your tantalized pussy causing your legs to lift to your chest as you let out a loud cry. I move my tongue in and out of you tasting your wonderful flavor as your warm juices leek down my chin. You rock your hips to the pleasure I am giving you as I slide the toy back into you and I lick your clit faster and faster. Your climax is growing as I fuck you with the toy. Your legs wrap tightly around my face and your fingernails dig into my flesh as you scream out in joy as your orgasm hits you and rolls across your body. I pull the toy out of you and gently kiss your pussy until your body relaxes. I move up and kiss you tenderly while your hand touches my hard cock. I whisper in your ear, “Now it is your turn.” As you take the toy from my hand and start to kiss my neck and run the toy over my body. Your warm lips kiss my body as the toy tickles my flesh. You hold the base of my cock in one of your hands and you rub the toy up my shaft and over the tip sending wild shivers over my body. You move the toy down my shaft as you lick my head. I feel the toy tickle my genitals as you slide my cock into your mouth and start to suck me. The vibrations of the toy and your warm wet mouth makes my body tingle as I rotate my hips to the pleasure you are giving me. I touch your neck and shoulders with one hand and I run my other hand down to touch your breast to pinch and tickle your nipple. You move your mouth up and down a few time then you pull me out of your mouth to tickle me with your tongue. You run the toy up my shaft and across the head of my cock as your tongue licks my shaft and down my genitals. My body tightens as the sensation of the toy on my cock sends electricity through my body. You move your mouth back to my cock and the toy down as you suck me wildly. Your lips move down just past my head and back up as your lips and tongue please the head of my cock while you run the toy up and down my shaft. Feast you move your lips over the head of my cock as my climax builds. Your lips and tongue tantalize the head of my cock while you tickle me with the toy. My body shakes as I cry out, “I can’t hold it!” as my climax grows close. Your mouth moves faster drawing my orgasm as I explode inside your warm mouth. You feel my hot load hit the back of your throat and you can taste the salty fluid leek down your throat. You continue to suck me gently as you tickle the tip of my cock with your tongue making it hard and horny again. Your tongue makes my cock jump with excitement as you giggle at it. I hold your arms and pull you up and in my embrace. I kiss you deeply as we rub out naked bodies together. I roll on top of you as you spread your legs inviting my in as I slide my cock against your dripping wet pussy. I feel your hands grab my cock as you guide me into your horny wet pussy. I fill you with pleasure as I slide slowly inside you. Your warm wet inner pussy surrounds my cock as I move deep inside you. I hold you tight as I rub my chest against your breasts as I move in and out of your wet pussy. Our lips are tightly held together as we kiss deeply. My cock slides in and out of you so gently so slowly as I rotate my hips to explore your inner pussy making your hips wiggle with pleasure. You moan in my mouth as our bodies twist and turn against each other. Our hands move up and down naked flesh touching and teasing each other during our slow grind. I push up from you and kneel in front of you. I push your right leg down to the bed as I straddle it between my legs and I gently sit on it. I take your other leg and hold it against my chest as I stroke you gently. One of my hands move up your body to fondle your breast while the arm holding your leg finds the toy and I turn it on. I run the vibrator down your leg and I hold it against your clit sending wild electric sensations over your body. My cock moves faster as I fuck you with my cock tickle your clit with the toy and rub your breast. Your hips rotate and wiggle as your climax grows fast. Your hands grab my arms and your grip tightens as you explode in climax. Your moaning is driving my wild as I fuck you faster and faster making your orgasms roll in one after the other like the waves hitting the beach never ending and relentless. My driving cock and the vibrator causes your body to go into uncontrollable shakes as you try to tighten your legs around me to push my fucking cock away but you can’t. Your body jumps and bucks beneath me as my hand move from your breast to your shoulder to hold you on the bed and take my rapidly driving cock. The sensations of your multiple orgasms make you loss track of time as your body is being taken over by your wild orgasms. I drop the vibrator and hold your leg tight against my chest holding your wildly shaking body to the bed. Faster I move in and out of you feeling your inner pussy quivering around my hard cock. Your cries of pleasure fill the room as I stroke you building my own climax. I feel my cock tingle as I stroke you faster I cry out as I explode inside you. I fall on top of you and we hold our quivering bodies together.

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12/27/2007 10:38 pm

mmmmmmmm...nice story, JD.

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rm_jd29992z replies on 12/30/2007 3:03 pm:
Thank you looks like you havee been digging deep in te archives later babe JD

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