Mornig Coffee Part 5  

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Mornig Coffee Part 5

Three naked bodies squirming…wiggling…rubbing the sensation of warm hands moving…touching…feeling lips pressed against naked flesh kissing…licking…tickling. Hot sweaty flesh sliding…grinding…pressing tightly against one another. Arms and legs twist and writhe touch and caress giving pleasure, feeling pleasure, absorbing the sexual energy radiating like the heat from our bodies.

Moving your thigh you rub my hardness with the smooth skin of your naked inner thigh kissing my neck, cheek and lips while Sandy moves her leg to rub against yours intertwining round yours, rubbing soft skin against soft skin. Our lips meet twisting and sliding together as Sandy kisses up my cheek to share our kiss. Turning your head you kiss Sandy your lips press tightly together sliding, moving together as one while wet, warm tongues gently slide into each others wet wanting mouths.

Touching her hand you guide it slowly down my chest and belly placing it on my erection. You wrap your fingers around hers closing her hand around my shaft. Gently you pull her hand up and down conveying to her that you will allow her to share your hard fleshy play toy. Tenderly she strokes my hardness tickling the head with a light touch while your fingers fondle and tickle the soft flesh of my genitals.

My hands wrap around two naked bodies as hands slide over to fondle two sexy breasts lightly touching with fingertips moving over the bottom curve of smooth skin, lightly teasing hard nipples with fingertips and palms. Looking at Sandy’s long smooth neck I lean forward and kiss her tenderly, licking, kissing, caressing, tasting her warm flesh for the first time. I throb with excitement as I kiss up her neck and across her cheek. Slowly and seductively I kiss your cheek and down your smooth neck while you and Sandy kiss passionately.

Her kiss so tender, so soft, so forbidden arouses you building the passion and desire deep inside you burning to your very soul causing you rub your tingling pussy against my side trying to ease the tingly itch of your sexual desires. My lips and tongue send shivers down your back as I kiss, lick and nibble your soft flesh of your neck. Mmmm this is so sexy.” I whisper into your ear while I continue to caress your cheek. Tickling and fondling my genitals you move up and touch her hand slowly moving up the soft, smooth flesh of her arm.

Kissing Sandy’s cheek then her neck I whisper almost breathlessly in her ear, “My cock is yours to play with babe.” I feel her shiver as she pulls away from your kiss and slowly caresses down my chest lightly kissing and licking my nipple her hand still gently stroking my hardness.

My hand moves down your body gently sliding between your legs to lightly touch and masturbate you as we both watch Sandy kiss down my body. Your hand moves over my chest playfully twirling my chest hair touching and rubbing me. Moving your playful fingers over my chest you find my nipple touching and tickling it lightly. Your fingernail starts to lightly scratch my hardened nipple making me squirm from the sensation of tingles moving down my body going straight to the head of my erection making it all tingly and sensitive.

Kissing my belly Sandy holds the back of my hardness while her hot, wet tongue licks up and down my shaft tasting our juices that are still linger there. Moving up and down with the tip of her tongue she dose not miss a drop moaning lightly enjoying the taste and the tease she is giving me. Moving her mouth up she teases my head with the tip of my erection with her twirling tongue. Softly I touch her neck and move my fingertips behind her head. Without hesitation she swallows me whole, lips and tongue move up the shaft and tease the head.

We cuddle together touching and rubbing while we watching Sandy love my hardness with her sexy mouth making us both aroused and very hot. We feel each other’s bodies quiver at the same time and look into each other’s eyes both thinking the same thing, “WOW! We found a new playmate!” You giggle as you lean towards me kissing me passionately. My body tingles from your kiss, your scratching fingernail on my nipple and Sandy’s warm lips and wet tongue loving my hardness.

I lightly touch her neck and cheek with a soft touch as I pull away from our kiss, winking at you I say, “Sandy I would really love to lick your pussy while you do that1” With my erection still in her lips Sandy looks up at me with her large brown eyes twinkling with approval. Lifting up from my erection she grins as she quickly moves her body around and straddles my shoulders. Gently she lowers her wanting pussy to my hungry mouth letting me taste her sweet juices for the first time.

Watching us lick each other makes you burn with desire as our bodies wiggle and squirm together. Moving your hand down your body you start to touch your self slowly masturbating while you look at Sandy’s hot sexy body writhing on to of me. Feeling the deep desire burning inside you, you get up to your knees placing your hands gently on her hips and lean over her.

Lightly you run your hands down the back of her legs her soft, smooth skin makes you warm and wet from the warm soft sensation. Running your hands up and down her bottom and the back of her legs make you feel the burning need to taste her, need to feel her hot flesh against your lips, taste the beads of her sex sweat with your tongue to touch, lick feel her sensual skin.

Leaning down you kiss the soft flesh of the back of her leg. The soft skin makes you tingle as you run your lips and tongue up her leg and the curve of her lovely bottom. Slowly you kiss her body moving your hands across her feeling her skin shiver from the caress of your kiss and touch.

Touching, kissing and rubbing her you glide over her back and bottom lightly rubbing your breasts over her soft skin as you kiss and caress her hot flesh. So erotic is the sensation of her sweet skin that you tingle all over felling yourself flow with hot juices. Moving farther up her bck you kiss her shoulders and down her arms. Gently you pull the hair away from her face and watch her move up and down my hardness for a moment transfixed on her beautiful lips pleasing my hardness.

Letting her hair fall over one side of her neck you touch her cheek with tender fingertips moving in a small circle over cheek and neck making her shiver ever so slightly. Leaning forward you start to kiss her cheek softly, seductively running your tongue lightly over her neck and back up again. You run the palm of your hand against her cheek and gently guide her lips to yours as she pulls off my erection she turns her head to kiss your waiting lips.

Soft wet lips move together, as wet tongues touch and glide inside warm wet mouths. Pulling gently away you turn your head and lower your lips over the head of my erection moving your lips up and down tickling and loving it with tongue and lips while Sandy tenderly kisses your neck. Pulling up you turn your head and kiss Sandy again sweetly, passionately.

Sandy pulls away and moves her mouth over me gently suckling my head as you kiss her cheek and face moving your hand down her body to fondle her breast. Sandy moves her mouth up and tickles me with the tip of her tongue and you turn your head to do the same.

Two tongues twirl over the tip of my hardness as two sets of lips touch and lightly kiss. My body quivers to the sensation, as my desires burn hot as white fire deep within my loins causing my tongue to move faster over Sandy’s dripping wet pussy. Her juices leak down my chin and cheeks as I gently suck her lips into my mouth holding them in place with my wet lips as I quickly tickle her clit with the tip of my tongue.

Her body wiggles to my darting tongue as the two girls share the head of my erection and I share their kisses with each other. I am filled with desire from this erotic encounter feeling lips wrap around the side of my shaft moving along the length, tongues darting over the head and around the shaft. Wiggling and shaking, my body is alive with pleasure and excitement.

Feeling Sandy’s body shaking I feel her hands grip my legs and her body move up she arches her back and lets out a loud moan. You get to your knees and hold her face against your breasts rubbing them against her face. She kisses your nipples as her body shakes on the verge of climax feeling her body shake and tremble against the flesh of your breasts.

Faster I tickle her with my wiggling tongue wanting her to cum feeling her his quake against my face. She turns her head up and as you hold her tightly against your breast she cries out, “YES,OOOH YES!” as her body shake and trembles before collapsing on me. She kisses my erection over and over as I gently kiss her sweet wet lips tendrly.

Gently you stroke her hair and her cheek watching her kiss my erection having a wickedly wonderful fantasy about feeling her lips and tongue caressing your body, your flesh, your wet pussy. Your body shivers delightfully at the thought of Sandy’s warm tongue and wet lips caressing your inner thighs licking you oooh what a sweet thought.

Smiling you crawl to the head of the bed placing a pillow against the headboard sitting up you lean against it. Spreading your leg you place your feet on the bed. In a sultry voice you call out, “Sandy, its my turn now.” giggling after you say it. As your hand moves down your body you start to masturbate slowly in front of her.

Sandy turns her head and smiles at you as she seductively crawls across the bed stopping at your feet she leans forward to kiss you. Her lips and tongue kiss and lick your foot moving slowly up your leg her soft wet lips and tickling tongue sends shiver over your body enjoying the erotic sensation of this sexy girl.

Kneeling up in front of you she places her hands on your knees and slowly runs her hands over your legs and inner thighs. Leaning toward you she kisses your mouth and lips teasingly pulling away and kissing them again making your wet and horny for her mouth. She pulls away and looks seductively into your eyes as she says, “I would love to lease you!”

To be continued.

EroticaXTC 51F

6/29/2006 5:00 pm

this has got to be the most stimulating coffee on record

rm_jd29992z replies on 6/29/2006 5:38 pm:
It is like all of my stories they just seem to have a life of their own. My mind is a very sexy place sometimes. And yes it is glad you liked it there is more later JD.


6/29/2006 5:09 pm

Friends with wonderful keep me wet! {=}

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

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6/29/2006 5:40 pm

    Quoting MOfunNOWWOW:
    Friends with wonderful keep me wet! {=}
Keeping my readers wet is just one of the things I do best! Thanks J for stopping by hope to to see you in August later JD.

Steel_Legs 60M/F

7/3/2006 6:30 pm

JD - Your blog was recommended by someone in a chat room the other day, (sorry - I didn't know the person). I am Steel (Lee) and the other half of this couple is Legs (Sheri).

We enjoy reading erotic stories as one of many forms of pre-foreplay and your blog is a goldmine. I'm sure Legs will particularly enjoy your writing, and am looking forward to seeing if I'm right!

I have posted some of the erotica I've written on my blog @ Steel_Legs Steel_Legs. I would appreciate any comments, criticism, or advice you would be willing to offer.

Again, thanks for the excellent postings and all the best to you.


PS - Sounds like you've got far too important a crises to deal with to leave any time for newbie bloggers. I do understand that and appreciate you having the character to deal with the problem directly. I'll be hoping for the least painful and most effective solution for you and for the safety of your children.

rm_jd29992z replies on 7/7/2006 7:43 pm:
I will read more of your stuff write me at my profile and we can talk it is all about imagination, explaining how you feel when legs touches you or how she feels when you touch her. Ok do this home work for me oh you will like it only wish my teachers would have tole me this. Masturbate legs cilt until she has a wild orgasm then talk about it how she felt how it made her feel physically and mentally right it down how did you feel making your lover cum? write it down and start off with that talk communicate write write write!!!! What drives you to please her? What drives her to please you? Get into the mind just not fucking there is more to it then that (well it is important I would be lying to you there hahaha). If you have any questions just write me I would love to help you out. See you two later JD

PS did anyone ever tell you that Steel looks like Lee Marvin???? Thats a good thing I like him later.

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