Mornig Coffee Part 3  

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Mornig Coffee Part 3

Lowering my lips down I start to kiss your neck as I squirm my body against yours. Our bodies intertwine as our legs, arms, hands rub, touch, feel naked warm flesh. Sandy peeks around the corner and meekly says, “ Hello.” “Hi Sandy, don’t be shy come on in.” you tell her in a sultry voice. I turn my head and see her coming in the door.

Her long straight brown hair draped over her shoulders stopping just above her pert handful breasts. I could see her excited nipples straining against the fabric of her tight muscle shirt. The silky jogging shorts she wore were tight against the smooth curve of your hips. Long, sleek, tan, legs curved exquisitely down to her sandal-clad feet.

“Why don’t you move the computer chair over here so you can get comfortable.” I tell her in a breathless voice. As Sandy goes to move the chair I lower my lips against your. Sliding, moving our wet lips kisses as our tongues began to probe each other’s mouths.

We heard Sandy place the chair against the wall and sit down as I pull my mouth a little bit away from yours as we stretch our tongue out to touch and twist together for Sandy to see. Moving our mouth together we kissed passionately moving our faces left and right and around licking each other’s lips and kissing tightly again.

Your hand moves down my side to my hip where you gently pushed me to my side exposing my erection to Sandy. Gently you moved your hand down and started to stroke my hardness just knowing this was building Sandy’s arousal built your own arousal as you feel your warm juices gush down your legs.

I kiss your bottom lips and lightly run the tip of my tongue softly across it gently sucking it into my mouth and letting it go. I gently lick and kiss your chin as I move down your sleek smooth neck. Kissing…nibbling…sucking I move back and for the across your neck as I slowly move down making your body tingle with excitement.

Turning your head you glance at Sandy she has already kicked off your sandals, her legs are spread slightly as one hand rubs herself over her short and the other is touching her engorged nipple. You turn back and watch me slowly kiss down your body. Warm lips kiss, wet tongue licks warm soft skin moving slowly down to your breasts. My slow movement down makes your pussy tingle with anticipation as you rub your legs together trying to quench your desires.

Lightly my hands cup your breast while my lips caress the top of your breast lightly kissing down, closer moving closer to your hard excited nipple. I kiss your nipple tenderly and suck it into my mouth while using the tip of my tongue I tickle it quickly sending tingle to your already sensitive pussy. I let go and lower my mouth down and lightly bite until you let out a yelp as the stinging sensation sends an almost electrical current of energy to your aroused wet pussy.

I glace at Sandy and see her fingers are pinching and pulling her nipple while she wiggles in the chair. Her hand moves down her leg revealing the wet spot on her shorts. Knowing we are making her so horny makes me throb with excitement. Grabbing the bottom edge of your shorts she pulls it up and over giving me a glimpse of her glistening wet pussy before she slide two fingers inside herself. Letting out a light moan as her body wiggles to her masturbating fingers.

Agonizingly slowly I kiss and lick down your hot sexy body not missing and inch of your naked flesh driving you wild with the desire to feel me between your legs. Looking over at Sandy I watch her hand pull up her shirt as she starts to fondle her naked breast while her fingers move in and out of her dripping wet horny pussy.

Your hands push on my shoulders trying to coax me faster as I move down a little farther each time teasing you. Finally I kiss your smooth inner thigh lightly rubbing my face against your wetness and turning my head to kiss you, to taste you. Lifting your leg over my shoulder I turn you slightly onto your side to give Sandy a better view of my darting tongue across your wet swollen clit.

My tongue moves faster over your clit as I hear both of you and moaning as both your bodies wiggle from pleasure. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Sandy stimulating her clit with slippery fingertips, her legs and pussy shimmer from her juices and her shorts are soaking wet. The sounds of you two moaning the sight of her wiggling…touching…rubbing with the feeling of your body quivering on the bed makes me throb with excitement.

Pushing up from the bed I look into your beautiful eyes and wink as I cross over the bed and reach into the nightstand. When I turn around I see both of your eyes light up when you both see me holding a pink vibrator with ridges running up and down the length of the shaft. Kneeling beside you I turn on the toy as the sound of a light hum fills the room.

I place the toy against your inner thigh and slowly move it up your leg until I touch it against your sensitive mound causing you to moan as your legs kick up. I move the tip gently inside you then up between your lips touching your swollen sensitive clit. The toy sends sparks flying over your body as I stimulated your hard little nub with the toy.

Your hand moved up to hold my erection and stroke it gently while your body squirms and wiggles, your legs moved up and down, scissoring back and forth. Your loud moans come with every exhale of air as your hand grippes my erection and pulled it toward you. Knowing you wanted to please me I straddled your shoulders with my knees and lowered my hips toward you.

Your hands hold the shaft while your lips and tongue quickly suckle to stimulate the head. Faster and faster you move over the head knowing how I love this as I slide the toy slowly inside you. I look at Sandy just as she slides her fingers into the waistband of her soaking wet shorts and wiggles them off her hips. Pushing them down her legs she kicks them off her feet and across the room.

Slowly and seductively she slides her long tan leg over the arm rest of the chair spreading her smooth legs apart exposing her glistening naked pussy to me. Placing her hands on her knees she starts to drag them slowly down her sleek brown legs stopping them at the small triangle of untanned skin around her wet shaved pussy.

Running the tip of her tongue across her swollen lips she pulls her pussy lips apart showing me the glistening pink flesh of her inner pussy and her reddish pink clit tempting me, teasing me. Her eyes gleamed with wanton lust as I winked at her and lowered my mouth to your waiting wet lips.

Slowly the vibrator moved in and out of you making your body explode with a tingling sensation and when my tongue touched your swollen sensitive clit your body, mind and soul comes alive with a myriad of wonderful intense sensations. Your body wiggles and squirmed uncontrollably on the bed as you lose the concentration to please me with your mouth and trough your head back moaning and screaming.

Through the corner of my eyes I can see Sandy masturbating one hand her fingers driving inside herself and with the other rubbing her clit faster. The sound of you two moaning fills the room as well as my desire making me drive the toy faster inside you, twirl my tongue faster over your hot little nub.

The sting of your fingernails digging into my ass send shivers up my spine as your legs gripped around my face as the explosion of orgasm flowed though your body like an unstoppable flood. “I’M CUMMING OH FUCK YES I’M CUMMING!” you scream as your body shakes and shudders in uncontrollable spasms underneath me. I can see Sandy lift her legs and through her head back as she to cried out in a loud moan.

The thought of making two girls cum at the same time both directly and indirectly was so arousing that I can feel myself throb intensely to the point I thought my erection would burst. I pull the toy out of you and lay it next to you on the bed as I move around and hold you close kissing your smooth neck.

We cuddled together on the bed and Sandy laid back in the chair both of you breathing heavy. You could feel my erection rubbing your thigh as you kissed my neck and whisper breathlessly in my ere, “Fuck me baby.”

To be continued.

champagnechaser 42F
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6/27/2006 5:44 am

I want more...

rm_jd29992z replies on 6/27/2006 7:00 am:
Oh my fearless Leader I will never stop until you are fully satisfied and then I will give you a little more just to be sure! And remember when you read this where I go the idea from ooooh my little sexy girl. Later JD

rm_jd29992z 55M
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6/27/2006 12:27 pm

Happy to make your day Huny! Glad you stopped by for a visit there will be a few more parts to this story ooooooooh later girl JD

waerlookin4fun 51M/47F

6/28/2006 1:27 am

dammit JD, I cum here to read to go to sleep and you always, always get me worked up , these stories are so HOT, YOU ROCK, can you do anything about my tired eyes

rm_jd29992z replies on 6/28/2006 5:32 am:
Hmmm what I would do for your tired eyes is to hold your fae gently in my hands and tenderly kiss up your cheeks to as softly as a feather I would kiss your closed eye lids while my fingertips lightly tickled your cheeks and neck letting your hand touch me where ever you wanted to. Hmmmmm where and how would you touch me I would love to know hehehehe Thank you glad you liked the story later babe JD

rm_evil_pussy 38F
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6/28/2006 8:38 am

JD you and bound and determined to kill us ladies. i cant even read your stories with getting horny and having to take care of myself. btw you owe me 4000 for the laundry bill...loved all your stories hun even though im all drained of my bodily fluids...keep em cumming JD muah

only EVIL when provoked

rm_jd29992z replies on 6/28/2006 10:08 am:
Hmmmm you are so sexy do you know you gave my an erection before I finished reading your comment? You did it to me too babe it really turns me on knowing that just my words can make you feel like that. I have one question just think what a naked weekend with me would be like hehehehe. Just too bad you have a boy friend oh well that is cool Oh I should have part 4 out later today are you ready for it? Better rest up and drink lots of liquids too hehehe. Later JD

rm_evil_pussy 38F
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6/28/2006 8:39 am

you are* lol tore me all to pieces and i cant even type

only EVIL when provoked

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6/28/2006 9:45 am

Cum for me!!!

Go to post Cum on Blogland and play the game!

Everybody’s cumming


6/29/2006 5:06 pm

Not your regular ToyStory

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

rm_jd29992z 55M
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6/29/2006 5:31 pm

No it's not but wouldn't that would be a fun idea to do a "TOY STORY" type erotic story all the sex toys are alive what do you think the dildo would tell the hand cuffs hmmmmmm that might work hehehe later JD

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