Bad Girl  

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Bad Girl

I walk into the room and you are standing there looking down at your feet slightly biting the corner of your bottom lip. You are wearing a white button down blouse tucked into your short, pleated skirt with white socks that end just below your knees and penny loafers. “ So you have been a BAD girl!” I tell you. Sheepishly you answer, “Yes.” “Follow me.” I instruct you as you follow me to the couch. I sit down in the center of the couch and tell you to lie across my lap. Slowly you lower yourself down and lay across my lap and on the couch. “Lift up your skirt.” I order as your hands move down your body and slightly lift the hem up your bottom. “All the way up!” I direct you as you lift your skirt up over your waist revealing your white cotton panties. In a coarse voice I say, “Pull your panties down!” your hand pull them down about half way, “Farther!” I instruct as you pull them off your hips and down your legs. “Now move your hand out of the way.” I tell you.. You slide your hands and arms up your body as I put one arm around your waist and slide my hand down your pelvis. You feel my fingertip slide over your vulva and go inside you, SLAP my other hand comes down sending a stinging sensation over your ass. I feel you start to get wet as I move my fingertip in and out of you, SLAP my hand comes down again as my fingertip gets wetter from your juices. I slide my slippery fingertip up your vulva and touch your clit sending vibrations over your pussy SLAP. You let out a moan as the tingly feeling of my finger and the sting of my striking hand sends shivers over your body. You can feel my erection through my jeans rubbing against your side as the speed of my wiggling finger increases. SLAP my hand comes down on your ass as I put my finger back inside you to draw more juice to your sensitive clit. I spread your juices over your clit with my fingertip making the sensation of your climax grow SLAP my hand comes down hard. I can see red handprints on your naked ass as I pull my hand back up. Your hips and legs wiggle as my finger continues to tickle your clit. Your moaning gets louder as you feel your climax draw closer and closer. Slap my hand comes down hard causing your orgasm to come alive inside you. You can feel your juices run down your inner thigh as I run my fingertip over your sensitive clit. SLAP my hand comes back down and my fingertip swirls making your orgasm grow with the tingle of pleasure and the sting of pain. Your legs kick and your body trembles as your orgasms take over your senses. My arm that is around you tightens against your waist to hold you still as my fingertip tickles your clit. SLAP my hand comes down again. You cry out in pleasure as my finger slide inside you and my hand caresses your ass. “Stand up.” I tell you as you get off my lap and stand in front of me. I pull your panties down your legs and work them off your feet. I run my hand up your leg and under your knee as I lift your leg to rest your foot on the couch. I remove your shoe and using both hands I place them around your leg and roll your sock down your leg and pull it off your foot. I lick your inner thigh and run my fingertips up and down your soft leg. I place your leg back on the floor and pull the other to the couch. I remove your shoe and sock and start to lick and kiss your inner thigh. My hand move up your legs and under your skirt I slide my hands over your hips and around to grab your ass. As my tongue moves up your thigh I pull you in to my hungry tongue. I run the tip of my tongue between your vulva and twist it around your sensitive clit. You rotate your hips and push your pussy into my mouth. I lap up you juices with my tongue and lips drinking in your sweet flavor. I pull away and place your foot on the floor as I order you “Take off my cloths!”. You bend over and unbutton my shirt and slide it off my shoulders. You knee in front of me and take off my shoes before your hands move up and unfasten my jeans and slide them off my hip and legs. “Touch me!” I tell you as your hands start to run up and down the naked flesh of my hard cock. My hands start to unbutton your blouse and slide it off your shoulders. I move my hands behind your back and unfasten your white bra and peel the straps off your shoulders. My hands move down your shoulders and over your breasts pinching your nipples. Your pussy tingles from the feeling as you start to rub my cock faster. I move my hands up your body and touch your neck. I move my hand to cup your face before I twist your hair in my fists and pull your mouth over my throbbing cock. As you suck my cock I feel your hand move over my balls and down between my cheeks. Your fingertip slides in my anis and start to move in and out. I let go of your hair and grab your shoulders as you move faster over my hard cock. I feel you push your finger in and curl it up touching my prostrate and rubbing it with your fingertip. The sensation sends electricity over my hips and up my spin. Faster your mouth moves over my cock as I feel my climax build. I tighten my grip on your shoulders as I hold back my climax making it build and build. Finally I let go as I explode inside your mouth. You feel my hot cum hit the back of your mouth as you drink my salty juice and suck for more. I hold back the second shot as long as I can shooting it in your hungry mouth. You start to suckle the head of my cock with your lips and tongue keeping my erection hard for your wet pussy to fuck. I enjoy the sensation of your mouth as I feel my cock throb and ach. “Fuck me!” I order you as you stand up in front of me. You lift your skirt with one hand as you straddle me and grab my cock with the other right before you lower your wet pussy down swallowing my ridged cock inside you wet inner pussy. You start to wiggle your hips as you move up and down. “Use my cock to please yourself!” I command you as your hands hold my shoulders and you fuck my cock. You rotate your hips so the head of my cock rubs the right spot inside you. I feel you juices run down my cock and over my balls as your speed quickens. “Masturbate yourself!” I order you. You hand move down my body and under your skirt. My hands lift your skirt over your waist as I watch you rub your clit and fuck my cock. You move your hand down your body and touch your pussy lips and move your finger between your lips and touch your clit lightly. You moan as the felling of my hard smooth cock filling you and your tickling fingertip sends a surge of tingles through you body. My hand move up your body and holds your shoulder the other holds your waist as I start to thrust up inside you as you move your hips down. We stat to move faster as our sensations grow with each thrust. You feel your climax build and build as your hips wiggle as I thrust inside you. Your orgasm explodes inside you as I hold you tight and thrust faster and faster. You fall against me as you hold my shoulders and let me fuck you rapidly. Your body quiver as I stroke you as I fell my orgasm come fast as the head of my cock tingles as I fire my load inside you. You fall against me as our bodies shudder together. You kiss me gently as you roll your hips slowly up and down feeling my still hard cock inside you. After some time we stand up and you lead me to the bed. I see your cute ass sway under the sort skirt and I throb with desire. We get to your bed and I wrap my arms around you and kiss the back of your neck. One of my arms moves around your waist and the other grab the back of your shoulders as I bend you over in front of the bed. Your hands brace yourself on the bed as I flip your skirt up and start to rub my hard cock against your smooth naked ass. I move my cock down and slide it inside you and slowly stroke you. My hands move up and down your sleek body as I move in and out of you. My hands start to unfasten and unzip your skirt. I pull out of you and slide your skirt off your hips and let it drop down your legs. I grab your waist and push you on the bed. We roll together as I climb on top of you. I kneel up and take the pillowcases off the pillows and use them to tie your wrists to the bedposts. I kiss your body as I move down slowly. When I get to your feet I rip the bed sheet off the bed and use it to tie your feet to the bed. I move up and kneel next to you as I start to slide my finger inside you and move it up to tickle your clit. Your body strains against the ties that bind you to the bed as a surge of electricity move over your body. I smile at you as I move off the bed and get your vibrator. I climb back on the bed and get between your legs. I start to rub my hard shaft against your pussy as I turn on the vibrator and run it slowly down your body touching your nipples with the tip of the toy. I move the vibrator slowly down your body moving it back and forth as I move it slowly down. I rotate my hips as I slide my cock inside your wet pussy. I move the toy down and rub the tip against your clit as I slowly move my cock in and out. Your body tenses up as the wild sensation of the vibrator tickles your clit and you let out a moan. Faster and faster I fuck you felling your body shiver and shake with the tremendous pleasure of my cock and the wiggling toy. Your orgasm hits you sending lovely vibrations over you as you scream in pleasure. The orgasms come one after the other like the waves of the ocean hitting the beach the next is stronger then the last. The pleasure is too much as I continue to fuck and tickle you as your legs try to push me away but the sheet is holding your legs tight. The orgasms drive your body into uncontrollable spasms of incredible pleasure. The intense feeling of the orgasms are diving you crazy as I pound your quivering pussy with my hard cock. I start to shake as my climax builds. I drop the vibrator and grab onto your hips as I explode my hot cum inside you. I fall on top of your naked body and slowly move in and out enjoying your dripping wet pussy.

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4/19/2006 10:30 am

im am sooooo bad too!

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4/20/2006 11:38 am

Thank you for the advice I am working on a new story and I will put in paragraphs. Any comment, suggestion or advice is very welcomed. Glad you like the story but I guess I am still fightig my english teacher lol!

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