Time off  

jbthesurething 34M
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3/13/2006 6:39 pm
Time off

Well I haven't written much because I have been a combination of tired due to work and lazy due to inner angst. As it stands, there is nothing to speak of retaining to my sex life or female life for that matter. The girl I winked sent me one email, I replied back and she must have decided I wasn't up her alley. One thing I know for certain is that I am unlike any person you have ever met, and that is clearly defined by the way people interact with me. I have never felt like a normal person, always some seperation, even on this site I am still segregated. Its an invisible wall, kinda like my own personal prison, with occasional visits, none of them congical. As for support of my prison the girl I care about made it clear that I was nothing special, that all my efforts for her attention were in vain, and I can handle that, but whats hard to deal is that I am very intuitive about people's feelings, and I was convinced that felt something. Well thats life, learning from mistakes. So now I am flying solo again, and ever so familar territory, I think I am just going to find someone to have kids with and thats it. I am yet to know a love that doesn't complicate a simple existence. I think somewhere along our history we lost love from this world, and it has continued through the generations because people talk about it. Today I heard a heart wrenching story of an older lady 47, who cared deeply for a man much older, and she would do everything for him, and he gave her little, but she still cared for him. After 5 years together he started seeing other women, younger women with a nice ass and physical feature. Its a shame because I look at this women and I think 90% of the straight men on this site would jump her bones, and now here is the best part, she is a great person. So the moral of the story is if any of you fuckers happen to have someone that treats them well then get with the program and appreciate them. I tell myself that I was made a romantic for someone, because thats what they will love, but I feel like I am paying with the franc, when everyone else has converted to the Euro. I may not get someone, if you have someone, do me a favor and enhance there living for me, do what I am not able to do. ~JB

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