My current mood  

jbthesurething 34M
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3/6/2006 8:11 pm
My current mood

Well, Sexually, I am feeling in a voyeuristic mood. What I would like to see right now would just be a woman fingering her wet pussy. Just watch, no work required, maybe smoke a cigar, and have a drink. Just pure enjoyment of a sexual activity, so many people want to do, but I think we need to just appreciate sometimes.
In other news, I got a email porn site spam from someone claiming to be from here. It annoys me to some extent, they need to get off this site.
In other great idea news, winks. I think winks should be codes for people to say hey I am interested in you. When someone winks you should check it out and see what their about. I spent points to email someone who winked me, but it hasn;t panned out yet because I am not sure if she has seen it.
So anyways I am on the Ice Age of sex, but I have to stay positive, and say, "Its on its way." I am still hoping the world has something to offer, and I think I might step up on the girl I care about.

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