to text...or Not to text....  

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10/11/2005 8:57 pm

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to text...or Not to text....

With the sing song chime, Jodi's phone rings from within her purse.

'Yeah...I got a page' she says with a sly little smile. With a flick of her long chestnut hair so she avoids getting creaser dressing on it, she reaches down to grab her purse below her.
The Italian restaurant is not very crowded as we enjoy a late lunch. The cute little server has abandoned us to finish her side work. Non-existent since she dropped the plates and bill at the same time.
As Jodi flips open the phone, the blue light shines off her eyes as the smile stretches across her whole face.
'our soft playmate will be in Landing in Portland by eight' she says with a deep moan.
'Oh my', I respond as I drop my fork and wipe the dressing off my chin.
'Shall I type back anything?' she asks, rubbing her increasingly hard nipples with her forearms. Looking at the phone as if she could pull more desire from it.
'Well... she has the hotel information right? She has her own room, all taken care of, she knows where the Club is..... She knows that we 'So' want to cradle her in our arms and feel passion for her. Right?' I ask drinking a sip of water.
' Yes, she has all the info from the E-mail, she has shown desire back to us. she could call me but she chose to text'
'Well...' I say....
'I think that we shall test the princess and see if she can find us.'
With a naughty grin, Jodi looks to me and says....' Brent, I really want a friend. Are you going to challenge her or allow her to show what she knows first?'
' If you want the true friendship that you desire with your soul, then she must show power from the beginning. she must know that we play in a realm of honest giving. The strength we will offer her must be appreciated by the proof of her conviction.

You want someone real don’t you?' I ask with sincere caring of my best friend for the last 20 years.
' Babe ' she says....
' You know that the woman that finds us. the one that becomes the extension of who we are, that woman will have no need of us.'

Shaking my head I can only smile and respond
' Yes I know
and that is what makes the search so difficult. For to trust, we must challenge.'

With a click Jodi closes the phone.
' six hours and she will be here. I think we should go pack for a few day trip. I feel that once I touch her skin...I will know.'

' I think that one look into her eyes and you will know.' I tell her.
" You have my support babe, you must come out of your quiet shell and be eager. You enjoy holding hands with women, kisses in dark corners, you love all the kinky shit, so just play with her. You are loveable in all areas. once she sees you..she will know.' I smile as I pick up my fork and resume eating. I bite my lip as I watch Jodi look to the phone one more time.

' I am going to pee, be right back.'

I say...'Um..mmm' with my mouth full of salad. Watching her little ass as she walks away.

As soon as Jodi turns the corner her phone is out and scrolling for the text message you sent. finding it as she enters the bathroom she kicks the stall door open and sits dropping her purse to the floor using both hands to text back.

"I can not wait to taste you. I hope you are as excited as I am. {=} Jodi"

as she presses 'send' her left hand drops to her belt. As she watches the envelope fly off her screen she is pulling her pants down and spreading her knees wide. As the message says 'sent'. she scrolls to the black and white photos you sent of your luscious body. Holding the phone close almost tasting the silk smooth skin hot from your boots.

The viewing is interrupted my a incoming text.

"I am also wet. Am thinking of you with finger in my pussy. May I talk to you?"

With a sudden intake of breath, Jodi almost cums at the feeling of desire she can feel in the question.

with a shaking palm she types....

" Yes "

She closes the phone. Leaning back onto the toilet. Sliding her little fingers to the left and right of her hard clit. She brings the wet finger to her mouth. Tasting the sweet liquid and adding her saliva to her finger she touches her clit as the phone rings.

" Hello " Jodi Breathes into the phone.

" Hello " is the soft echo she hears back. the undertone of rapid breathing can be heard. the deep desire can be felt.

As Jodi closes her eyes she moans into the phone upon hearing the sexy voice.
'" tell me your going to lick my pussy' she tells you." rubbing the insides of her swollen lips. Just barely touching her now hugely swollen clitoris.

" Oh Mistress, I will lick your pussy. Yes,'" you say,, breathing faster into the phone " I will lick every inch of you.'

With a exhale of pent up passion, Jodi says, ...' Yes, slide your finger inside me'
anticipating your response she spreads her lips open, staging one finger to enter her with your next words.

'Fist I would start with my hard little tongue, then I would slide my finger inside you, not far at first.' You would say this as you shoved your own fingers inside you. The timing of you and Jodi both entering yourselves is one that you both feel. The moans sound as if in Stereo.

'YES' Jodi cries, 'yes'

building up you two soon go on to express the way you like to be touched, how the certain kiss, in the certain spot, can create a spark that feels deeper than any dick could ever go.

Meanwhile.....At the Table

thirty minutes after my salad I smile as I spot Jodi stumble from the hallway. Bumping into tables and with a big grin just blowing people off. Never leaving eye contact with me, she comes up to me and kisses me deep.
' you texted her back didn’t you ?' I ask with a chuckle in my accusing voice.
" she.... is going to be most fun' Jodi says as she picks up the fork.
" and..... she is amazing" Crunching a crouton she starts to giggle. A full body giggle, one that just "IS" because it feels right.
I can only look at my love. I can only watch her giggle and smile. Thinking how in trouble I am. For what kind of test or proof of desire could I ever match if you two have already shared "THAT" together?
With a glace to clock I think of the hours until I can taste your giggle. The near future I can only anticipate with eager thoughts of kinky force. In debt to you already I can only hope to make your time with us enjoyable.

...hmm... 'Forceful and in debt to someone you want to please' ???.
. ...Mummmmmmm... the most peculiar predicament.


jb_oregon 46M/45F

2/6/2006 4:08 am

If the woman that I wrote this for....should ever come across it... please contact me. For as we awaited the plane....she/you never got off...and we search for your/her echo still today.

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