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2/6/2006 4:53 am

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Network Invite

Greetings Again to our New Friend,,,
THE - Butterfly Girl- {=}

Thank you very much for your invite to join networks. You stated that you are 'new' at this kind of life style and from your words it sounds as if to become friends is what is key. We also believe that friends become the best lovers. Our desire to find great friendships based around honest feelings led us to this AdultFriendFinder site. Jodi has the desire to have a physical friendship with a woman in which she can cuddle up with on the couch, while I prepare us dinner. We both love to hold hands in public and we find a quiet kinky ness when we make love where we may get caught. We are very sexual within ourselves and we are looking for someone to feed off that energy.
The fact that you are 'quick witted' and just the struggles of being a single mother, we have no doubt that we will connect. This is Brent typing and if you and I can find playful banter, I promise that Jodi will watch with great amusement. She is always the watcher and I get frustrated trying to draw her into chaotic situations.

I must admit that we have recently crossed into the "Experienced" category. We have been disappointed far more than we have enjoyed ourselves. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t dig the moment and the life lessons will create great stories many years from now.

The speed of this self created friendship is in your hands. I would like to offer you a few choices for a first date. How about a gourmet meal for you and your children. A no pressure, no expectation, no sexual encounter of dinner and movie. Giggles and friendship. I promise to leave leftovers for days. Another option is to create a sexy date for some crazy holiday. Would you like to come with us out to the coast for a quite sexy night by the Ocean? Or Seattle perhaps? lets go explore the Underground...holding hands and stealing quick kisses?

What I suggest, is just the enjoyment of your company. Your pace, your desires. If you want sex in the first three minutes. just express that and we will devour you.... If you show just a slight interest, and smile with a true smile of being apprciated,,,,then all will be well. Our lives have centered around our kids. Now that they both have adult relationships and have their own social life, we find the excuses to create one of our own.

I feel as if I am babbling, and although you may be smiling,,,,My intentions were to get you wet and

Nite Princess.

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