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9/18/2005 2:06 pm

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well, i've been networking on this site for about 4 days as a gold member... is it worth the money?... right now no... but im patient. I have looked at alot of profiles... many of them are really interesting. I like to read about peoples experiences and what they are looking for. I think its great to be able to express your feelings and desires sexually. Its really cool. I also took the time to fill out all of the questions that they add to your profile... I wonder what my next experience will be... I remember my last one didnt work out very well because me and the woman that i met didnt seem to click. Its important for that to happen. While sex is really easy to have, the initiation is quite difficult with the wrong people. I went to her house one night, her kids were still up!!.. Yet she still wanted to get it on and i couldnt do that... i was so uncomfortable... we would be warming up to one another and then one of them would come out or shout for her. That was really awkward. I dont mind kids... i really like kids but thats not something i think they need to be around. But she was really what i was looking for.. an older woman. I dig older women because they have the mature mind to go along with that mature body... not only that i really love the sex!!.. its like they are in my head and know exactly what I want. Not only that they tell you exactly what they want... Well back to my search... hope i find what im looking for.


RavishingRed1062 55F

9/21/2005 7:57 pm

When you say she wanted to get it on, do you mean like, 'rip your clothes off and fuck on the floor NOW" get it on? Maybe she just wanted a kiss or two to see if there were any sparks? Did you ever think of that?

Just throwing in my 2 cents...

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