Oh by the way...  

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9/22/2005 7:21 am

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Oh by the way...

Just wanted to put this in my blogs... please dont for get the people out there in Baton Rouge and all the other coast states down there in the gulf coast who may be facing another hurricane... I dont think i have any family down there but i do know what it can do to a family that has loveones in a dangerous situation and being powerless to do anything about it... Remember that life can always be worse than it is... Cherish everyday you have because you never know what tomorrow will bring. If any of you read my post from sunday... I had to remove that. It wasnt right of me to put that on the site...

I've found that i do enjoy blogging... i've never done it before. I thought it was for people that had nothing better to do with there life... On the contrary, it is a wonderful outlet for my thoughts... I think better when i do this!

I've been checking out other peoples blogs and i find the quit interesting. I would like some feedback. What do you the reader think that i should blog about. I would love to here peoples and see if i can accomodate them. Yell at me and let me know what you think!!

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