Stalker or Player  

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8/27/2006 10:13 am
Stalker or Player

Stalkers & Players ‒ Same Mother?

The player is often referred to as a guy who gets lot of women, uses them and throws them away. The stalker has a similar method of operation (M, he tracks women often without them knowing it, he showers them with attention and affection and he always feels thrown away. For both of these individuals to reach their ultimate goal they share will share similar patterns that define their actions. Strangely the player is never called a stalker, and the stalker is never called a player.

If you are either of these personas you are laughing right now (probably outside my window) and saying I am nothing like the other guy. We are all very much alike and when it comes to the adoration of women and the subsequent seduction that follows, it is how we get there that is where our titles and labels come from. For instance, the introvert and the prude share similar patterns; keeping their dirty thoughts to themselves for different and parallel reasons.

Identical Twins
The first place that these two share the same blood type is “motive”. There motive is based on insecurity. The stalker NEEDS her to want him to feel fulfilled and the player WANTS all girls to need him. This means that their purpose is satisfying their ego. This is the foundation of the actions of both, to produce an image of themselves to the female that she can’t resist. Being “wanted” by her is more important than actually having her. This motive is the foundation, the fuel and fruition to their actions.

It only gets scarier because they come out of the gate the exact same way. Players got that title because they know how to “play” the game. That makes them exceptional observers. They have “watched” more situations than the average guy so that they can see “how it is done”. They are the speed readers of stalking. Players know what to look for in the first few minutes with a female to see if there is an “opening” for him to approach. That almost sounds like “lying in wait” a form of stalking. Both guys watch from a far at first taking in as much information as possible literally to use it against her in one form or another. They avoid being the “observed” by keeping a low profile until they want their presence to be known. They both have a purpose and they will keep taking in the information as long as necessary to accomplish their goals. For the player it is sex, for the stalker…well, I don’t know what that sick bastard’s goal is…but it is sick I am sure.

Calling the Kettle Black
The players of the world would never compare themselves to a stalker, but one of the character traits of a player is patience. The true player might have 4-6 girls he is working at once. “Working” does not always imply “sex”. Working means: has in the “hopper” or “mill”. The player does this because some women take time to seduce. He might have to run into them over and over at the same market before he makes his move. Because he has a goal, that is form of patience that the stalker exhibits. He knows each time he sees her it will bring him closer to being with her or getting her attention, the ego stroke he is craving.

The stalker psyche stereotype would generally “resent” the player type and would never compare his actions to those of a player. The stalker is “committed” or so he believes to the girl he is after and would consider cheating on her an insult to her. Until of course he moves on to the next girl and behaves the exact same way with her. That is exactly like the player. He pours on the attention to make the girl believe that she is the bomb and nothing could distract him from her until of course something distracts him from her (usually another woman or two). There are too many initial similarities for either of these two to contend that one is dissimilar to the other. Stalkers are not always “introverts” as one might think. For instance there was the story about the stalker they caught in Seattle. They found evidence on this guy that he had actively stalked over 200 females before finally committing more heinous crimes against the females. He was a fireman and was not a shy person; he spent much of his time in the company of other men and the public. Furthermore, the player is not always an “extrovert” as one might guess. The best players are smooth and swift and try to avoid any unnecessary over exposure. Could these two be any more alike?

The “IT” Factor
So what is “it” that separates these two look-a-likes? How they close the deal is the answer. The player is not interested in “keeping” his target or prey only using her for a purpose. The stalker is not interested in ever “releasing” his target or prey and that is his purpose, keeping her. This is the major difference between them and their motives. The worst a player will do is “maybe” giving you a venereal disease and not call you back. That is probably the worst case scenario for the player. When it comes to the stalkers, no one really knows what their motives are but I know this much, the guy from Seattle tied a woman up in her basement and and tortured her for hours before she escaped… Personally I hate “labels”, PLAY ON PLAYER!

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