Pone la loci  

jaxndbx 51M
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8/29/2006 8:22 am
Pone la loci

For those of you not fortunate enough to speak Spanish what I just said was, “It puts the lotion in the basket.” Granted that is from Silence of the Lambs when the villain held a girl hostage in a pit before he would skin her alive. But my reference to “Pone la loción en la cesta” is that summer is almost over. Yes it was 90 fucking degrees yesterday and my nut sack was cheesier than a homeless woman with a yeast infection but it really is coming to an end.
I am a big AMERICAN IDOL fan and you will all soon be blessed with my AI updates of minutia and disgust as well as joy so great only chasing unicorns would match it. I bring up AI because I am a fan of other bloggers on here and they are gearing up for there FALL shows because when it starts getting dark earlier people plan a month in advance to stay in and watch TV. THAT IS WHY AMERICA IS FAT.
Sure, I too will be resigned to excessive doses of force fed media but not until I extend summer a little longer. Yesterday I started putting my camping stuff together, Tent (check), Sleeping Bag (check), Lantern (check), Condoms ‒ lube ‒ and someone to teach me Spanish while we are south of the border (not checked yet ‒ hint).
I will take a weekend jaunt down to Salda Mundo along the water in Baja in Mr. Truck sans computer. Maybe go wine tasting at the 75 year old winery off the 3 near Tecate or watch the water spew with other tourists at La Bufadora. I will struggle to speak Spanish with the lovely people of Mexico and enjoy every sound and sight that is “no familiar”.
When this late September weekend comes to an end and I am sitting impatiently at the border bad mouthing every car in front of me shunning the little Chiclets dealers that bee hive every vehicle that passes I will be thinking about one thing. I will be thinking about one thing that both I and the O dog can’t wait to touch…SNOW.

Los dioses del verano serán perdidos. Es tiempo de dar la bienvenida a los Dioses de invierno. Bendice los que deben arrimarse juntos.
Pone la loción en la cesta.

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