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10/1/2005 9:12 am

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I don't think I have shoe fetish. I don't go around checking out chick’s shoes, I don't smell, rub them, lick them etc.

However, I do find that a pair black stilettos or the "traditional" stripper shoe is HUGE turn-on in the bedroom. It really accentuates a woman’s legs and just looks damn good when I'm "down" south and her legs are in the air.

The downer is that most girls have a hang-up about wearing them; they feel it makes them slutty. Come on, you’re in the confines of your domicile BE slutty guys like slutty!!!

luv2suku2much 48F
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10/1/2005 4:13 pm


What is the big deal about wearing stillettos in the bedroom? And why does it turn my lover on so much? I just don't get it. I mean, I'll do it for him because I have a little shoe thing too, but why does he get off on it actually touching his cock? We all have our little kinks and fetishes that do it for us, but would you mind explaining this one to me?


jasonmisty85 37M
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10/1/2005 11:02 pm

Why do we like stilettos and such? There are probably many reasons. I suspect a chief one has to do with how society has defined sexuality. Western/American society has defined elevated footwear as “sexy” for woman. There are components to ones sexuality that are learned and/or reinforced. Women wearing stripper shoes has become reinforced as part of many men’s sexuality. Simply put, combine enough sex and stripper shoes then one associates on with the other. I bet you could actually reinforce sex and checkers or sex and waffle irons, etc. Sounds strange yes, but psychologist have been demonstrating the power of reinforcement for years.

With regards to your lover touching his cock to the shoe itself, this too is an explainable phenomena. Biological psychologists have demonstrated that input from multiple sources can stimulate a single area of the brain. In the case of your lover, the sight of the shoe itself(visual stimulation), the feeling of his penis on the shoe (mechanical stimulation) and the more complex of process of cognition i.e. the him internally telling himself that the act he is performing is arousing or fantasy fulfilling. The stimulation(s) are additive making for an enjoyable experience. If you really interested (sorry the nerd in me is coming out) there are some good texts that explain the additive nature of stimulation in general. Biological Psychology by James W. Kalat would probably be a good read.

Amendment to first paragraph: Desmond Morse, an anthropologist, has put forth an interesting theory (I don’t know if there is has data to back it up) that curvature is appealing to men and women. For women the curvature of the back and shoulders as well as the buttocks and thighs of men are appealing because they signify a healthy strong mate. The breasts, buttocks and hips of women are typically considered appealing to men for essentially the same reasons. It’s probable that the “curvature theory” could be extended to the claves. Wearing heels requires the flexing of the clave muscles producing curvature.

Wow, a lot of science talk. When comes to the bedroom, I figure if it feels good to one party and doesn’t hurt the other, plus is ethical and not harmful, go for it . . .it’s sex and supposed to be fun.

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