78 THE HOG  

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When Arthur and Anne were in high school, they fell in
love. They were both big, fat, and jolly and seemed suited
to one another. But as sometimes happens, things didn't
work out. Arthur moved away and married someone else, and
Anne didn't marry anymore. And not too many years later,
she got sick and died. Some said it was from a broken
heart. One day Arthur was driving to a small town not far
from where he and Anne had grown up. Soon he realized that
a hog was following him. No matter how fast Arthur drove,
the hog stayed right behind. Each time he looked back,
there was the hog. It began to irritate him. Finally he
couldn't stand it any longer. He stopped his car and rapped
the hog on its snout good and hard. "Get out of here, you
fat, dirty thing!" he shouted. To his astonishment, the hog
spoke to him, and it was Anne's voice he heard. "It's her
ghost!" he thought. "She has come back as a hog!" "I wasn't
doing no harm Arthur," the hog said. "I was just out for a
brisk walk, enjoying myself. How could you strike me after
all that we meant to one another?" With that, she turned
and trotted away. (When you tell this story, have the hog
speak in a high voice.)

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6/3/2006 6:39 pm

MASTER!!MASTER!!Where's the dreams that I've been after!!!!!!!

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