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A young teenage girl is hired to baby sit for a young couple one afternoon. The young girl seems nice enough. And after a quick greeting, the parents take her to the nursery to see the baby. The mother, like many new moms is very nervous about leaving her infant, even for a couple of hours. Dad tries to be reassuring to the skittish mom. The sitter gets a long list of do's and don't's and phone numbers. And she keeps smiling all through the anxious mothers instructions. She assures them that everything will be fine. It's all Dad can do to get Mom out of the house. Once their gone, the young sitter can finally relax. She decides to put on a little music to pass the time. The baby is asleep and everything else is in order. So she makes herself comparable, and begins to lighten up her mood by breaking into the father's liquor cabinet, and smokes a fat blunt. Sometime later, the parents are still out. But Mom decides to call to check on her baby. For the babysitter, everything is wonderful. Her mind is adrift. Then, she hears something. Its the phone. She keeps it together long enough to answer. Mom asks how everything is going. The sitter replies its all under control. She even put a roast in the oven for dinner. The mother is immediately alarmed. What roast? Then, the sitter hangs up, and forgets all about the call. The mother is abruptly cut off, and she is gripped by an overwhelming feeling of fear. Back at the house, the sitter resumes her day-drift. Where anything seems possible. Lost in a world of color and sound, time seems to stand still. Until . . . The parents burst in. They immediately ask about the baby. The mother runs to the nursery while the father confronts the young and dazed babysitter. He wants to know what the Hell is going on. Then, he smells something in the kitchen. The mother races to the crib, and is stunned to find it empty! While the father makes a horrifying discovery. Their was roast for dinner . . . but it was roast baby . . . In a similar story a young couple left their child in the care of a babysitter while they went on a long vacation. The babysitter was running late and phoned to tell the parents just to leave the child buckled into his high chair if they were afraid they might be late to leave. The parents did so and left. The babysitter was struck in an automobile accident en route to the couple's house and was killed. Some time after that, when the parents returned from their vacation . . . They found their child still sitting in his high chair. But now he was a decomposing corpse with maggots and roaches and other insects crawling and feeding and making their nests on and in his rotten, little corpse.

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Damn... don't you have something better to post than this and your other 4 or 5 morbid posts?

Go do a Death Fettish site and post this kind of stuff. Not on a sex site. Good heavens!

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