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A single mother lived with her two children, a daughter who was eleven and a son who was five, and was having a difficult time raising them alone. The son kept wetting his bed. And after many scolding's from his mother, and in an exasperated manner said to her son, "If you don't learn to stop wetting your bed, I will cut it off!". One night the mother went out on a date and left her daughter to watch over her young brother. After finding that he had wet the bed yet again, and after over hearing her mothers warning to him, she took manners into her own hands. When the mother came home she saw her over angelic daughter banishing a blood stained knife in her hands. The mother asked her daughter in alarmed horror, "What did you do?" The daughter said "Mommy! Mommy! You don't have to worry about little Timmy wetting his bed anymore! I took care of it for you!". the mother ran upstairs to her son's bedroom, and found him dead. His bed was stained with blood and she saw that his penis was missing! It had been cut off when the daughter took her mothers exasperated, "I will cut it off, if you don't stop wetting your bed," warning a bit too far.

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