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Mary worked as an operator for a computer company, and was having a bad day. The phones were ringing off the hook, and every so often she would get prank phone calls. Halfway into her shift, she got a customer whose question she was not able to answer, and the guy got very upset. He became very hostile towards her, and so she was eventually forced to hang up on him. Even though he was very threatening, Mary soon forgot about the caller. Her training had taught her how to cope and deal with angry customers, it was just part of the job. The next day, an anonymous beautiful bouquet of roses was delivered for a Mary at work. But she couldn't think of who might have sent her such a wonderful gift, perhaps a coworker, or a grateful customer. She only wished that the person had signed their name on it. For the rest of the day she kept wondering who sent the flowers and was flattered and blushing that someone did. That night she walked out of work smiling, still wondering who her gift sender was. She was hurrying to get to her car to get home as soon as possible to put them in a vase. Someone grabbed her from behind, and her body was found a few days later, complete with the bouquet of roses by her side. The angry customer on the phone from before had been a little less stable than Mary had expected. He knew where the computer customer center was and lived near it. But the only info he knew about her was the woman's first name Marry, that she used to introduce herself to her callers. And not knowing what she looked liked. But not many women walked out of that work place, with a smile and a dozen roses. He had sent the flowers to identify her.

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Have you been watching the twighlight zone by any chance????

Creepy stories man...just like watching the news.


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