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6/22/2006 3:33 pm

Molested Upon The Cross
This Story Is Dedicated To The Metal Band Deicide
This story was inspired by the horror movie killer clowns from outer space. Check It Out.
We live just a few blocks from an ugly and very dirty old church. Behind the church is nothing but endless woods and a few old tombstones. People who have lived here for many years have been telling a chilling story about that old church. Several decades ago, a group of young girls were walking down a lonely street late one evening, when they came upon a man in a clown costume. The man led the young girls into that old church one Halloween night, With the promise of having yummy candy, waiting for them inside. After tricking and trapping them inside, he tied the girls up, and mutilated and molested them. And then he killed them one by one. Then he wrote in the little girls blood the words on a wall
The next day was a Sunday, and the priest walked in to discover the horrible sight of what had happened the night before. After searching for a mysterious dripping sound in the darkness. He found a pool of blood that a stray cat was licking at. The dripping came from the bloody stumps of several headless and nude, mutilated young girls. Who's bodies were hung upside down from the wooden rafters above. Till this day no one knows who did it and no suspects have ever been found. Just a few weeks later, after the girls remains had been buried, a package was delivered to each of the murdered girls homes. And when their parents went to open the boxes, Their screams could not withstand their ghastly horror. In each of the boxes their contained one of the girl's badly decomposed severed head. It is said that the four little girls were buried in a small cemetery, in the woods behind the church. And some say that at night if you go into the church or venture into the woods to that small cemetery, you may see the ghosts of the little girls walking about. Others say you can still hear their screams echoing in the darkness.

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