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1 -l- SILENT TEARS -l-

Death brings release
An end to all my misery
Only when we take our last breath
Can we fly free
Only when I'm deceased
Will my soul find It's peace
Everything in life slowly decays
Until only darkness can wipe your tears away
I was born into this
A life of nothingness
Why be afraid of dying
How can you live for today?
When you got nothing to live for tomorrow
And nothing to loose?
The beauty of death
Is its gift to end our pain, and our sorrow
It can take you to a better place
One without nightmares, and no misery
Away from your sorry existence
Might as well kill yourself now
Because your already dead in everyone's mind
My innocence was molested
But no one sees my scars
The child you love becomes the monster your fear
Fall into the darkness
Masturbate to your fears
Only the gift of death
Will end your silent tears
They say its worth it to live
But life takes away more than you can give
There is no such thing as happiness
Hell is a better place
Than the one we are now in
Only sadness everyday
Suicide fixes every wrong
And makes everything right
There is no reason to live this way
Already lost the fight
They never thought you could go this far
Let the blanket of death
Warm your lonely heart
Inside your a rotting carcass
So escape from all your pain
Only the beauty of death can end your silent screams
Your apple has slowly been rotting
It's better to be dead
Dying is a dream come true
Emptiness is the cut that never heals
This is the way to everlasting happiness
As they stare into your dead face
They see you found a better place, No more silent tears
You were one they couldn't save
Could only find inner peace in your grave
They feed on your loneliness
Sleep from all your pain
You live inside yourself like a holly prison
Sick and weak from this condition
Soon to give up in submission
See my blood?
It bleeds like tears
Made up from loneliness, That I lived throughout my years
Emptiness, has made me broken and torn
Some lives are better left Un born
The more darkness grows in me
The happier in death I will be
I let death consume me
For I realize its a paradise, that will set me free
Call upon the dark
Listen to its sweet melody
Pray on baby
That your life is just a dream
Only the priceless gift of death can end your sadness
Once your dead the tears disappear
No one's there to hear your scream
No one cares for you
Let the gift of death end your sadness
Let the peace of death warm you with happiness
Let death Blanket you with darkness
Better to be dead and free
Then to live life in misery
Through Your Eyes, I See My Demise
Only when we are dead, Will our scars be healed
Suicide, The only solution to the pain
Let death warm your heart
Hold you tight, And wipe your tears away
Accept the beauty of death
Death will fade to black your silent screams and turn them into
whispers, that ride the winds of time -l-

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