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japantiger 46M
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6/4/2005 6:21 am

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5/29/2008 1:41 am

Daily Inspirations & Food for Thought

Hello my friends,

Well, I thought I was semi-retired from this Internet game, but here I am again!? Seem to get pulled back here once in a while by a few "friends". Kinda like Al Pacino in Godfather III - "Just when I thought I was out - they keep pulling me back in!"

Chillin at home on a Saturday evening, after a busy and tiring work week, and late Friday evening. What to do? Its raining and too tired to motivate to go out or talk on the phone. Skyperfect TV is out and do not want to make the trip to the video store. Nothing interesting to read at the moment. Hmmmm, well - there is always the trusty computer and Internet.

Well, inspired by my good friend asianlady4love,
why not make a "blog". She seems to enjoy it - and I always give her a hard time about her "hobby". So, being myself, figure instead of being negative, ok - lets try this out myself. Just like I did here on AdultFriendFinder. 4 months of gold member to check what all this Internet stuff was about,now expired and just a standard member - and I have to say - it has been interesting. Maybe will write the book or screenplay based on some real experiences right here on AdultFriendFinder.

My idea for my blog is to share with my "Internet" friends my favorite stories, excerpts, inspirations, anecdotes, expressions, etc. - that have always inspired, motivated, uplifted me, made me think and grow. Some are my own, some are collected from my various readings and sources. Credit will be given, where known.

We feed our bodies food every day. Well, I really like the term "food for thought". We also need to feed our minds and spirits every day as well. Just like you should not feed your body junk food, you need to be careful what you feed your mind and spirit.

I will periodically share these with my own personal story or thoughts.

I hope you enjoy them, and that they add something to your life.

I welcome your own experiences, thoughts and comments on what you read.

My first one - The Butterfly - is to follow.

all the best,

Beautiful4ualso 52F

6/4/2005 3:57 pm

Welcome to Blogland, I like what you had to say for your first blog experience! if not for my friend asianlady4love, I wouldn't know about you!

Some good passages here already helped open my eyes a little, since today I find that my mind is fogged up with some negative thoughts, whereas I'm not a negative person per se, at times our minds tend to try controlling us....instead of the other way around.

Will be visiting your blogs often.

azn_jpn82 36F

6/5/2005 3:22 am

HEY japantiger AL4L told me about this today,so I am here to comment about your blogs before I go and to leave this site.

Goodluck and I know that she really a big inspiration,She is real and I know now that,she gave me her BEST hugs but no kisses,she is not a bi curious and me too.I like her a lot and my mom likes her too.

And write more but I don't think I can give you another comment.ok?ne~~~ GANBATTE KUDASAI!


_HugsNkisses_ 43M

6/9/2005 2:03 am

LMFAO MAN! I like the last part there.LOTS of FOODS here for WHO? for our dear asianlady4love to fill her up?Did she ever read this? Damn,man I think you are in trouble how she'll take this.HAHAHAHA

By the way,NICE Post,you're good!
And I bet I have nothing to receive.

_MR_D_KEY_ 39M
16 posts
6/9/2005 7:38 am

Oh shit! hugsnkisses you are here too! if japantiger saw you here,believe me he is gonna kick your balls! and dude from your behind

japantiger,WELCOME TO BLOGLAND! and cool blogs,my butterfly is BIG!lol I hope someone can handle it japantiger.Well wishing you the best and happy blogging.GOODLUCK!


kissyliscious 44F

3/29/2008 10:37 pm

Your blog is ok but I want to read post with more actions.How was your friday? Mine was great,I had 3 some.Tanoshikatta.Do you know mimi from hokkaido I want to meet that girl too but she is too far.Read her blog she is cute.


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