The Art of Blog Part 1  

janmecir 54M
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10/10/2005 6:37 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Art of Blog Part 1

Decided to change how I'm writing this blog. Be less 'writerly' and more immediate. I'm not writing literature here, no need to 'compose' posts, and agonize over every word. Just let rip...riff off... let it myself out......

So this post is as it comes.....

The best blogs on here have that quality of being spontaneous....and there's contact happening and connect happening......and the blog seems like a conversation....and 'you', 'me', the 'reader' feels included and invited to join in.....

I've been reading alot of blogs. Not just the Top Dogs....but alot of Under Dogs too...There's hundreds of them/us/me!... hundreds of blogs like yours and mine....running around anonymously with the pack... wanting to break distinguishable from the out in Stand Alone....

How to do it? How to be Distinctive? Here are some suggestions:

1.Being 'real' as in authentic seems to be important.
2. Offer something of yourself genuinely, and in the spirit of generosity...
3. Give yourself away...let yourself go...
4. Be All of yourself (or as much All as you can bear to share)
5. That could mean being Funny, Sad, Funny-Sad, Philosophical, Confessional, Goofy, Serious, Playfully Perverse, Contradictory, Provocative, Helpful, Caring....
6. Of course...more than all of Sexual...because this is a sex site. Not many are going to be particulary turned on by your considered deliberations on Wittgenstein....but if you're giving out the 'real deal' about your fuck fantasies....well....fucks are fishes.....the shiniest fishes in the blog -pond....waiting to trawl the net of attention....

Oh yes....keep posts reasonably brief (I'll say more about this in a minute....)

Post this now Jan
(before the reader scrolls off or hits the back button)


rockwriter58 57M
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10/10/2005 3:17 pm

Excellent series. You have cut through it all the way a writer should: disregarding the outcome but going for the truth. As you note in the last section... that may not get you anywhere... but remember your first piece of advice: be real, be authentic. You have definitely done that. Bravo!


janmecir 54M
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10/12/2005 12:00 am

Hi Rockwriter
Thanks for the response.....i think disregarding the outcome is going to get me nowhere....which, 2 days on....seems is what is happening....i think to be 'real' here you have to be 'really' off and shout off as much as you possibly can...otherwise you don't get seen and you don't get heard......but thats ok...i'm reconciled to it...I'm just going to do this for me......

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