Erotica Dee's Toy Sstory Part 3  

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Erotica Dee's Toy Sstory Part 3

Dee milked the mans cock meat for all it was worth. His jism
no longer flowed from his once stiff shaft. His pearly strands
were now staining her previously clean pin striped blue

As he with drew his limp cock she another quickly came through
the opening on the other side of the tiny booth. This one
was as hard as they come 7" of shining flesh. Dee began
to stroke his cock. It was already wet, he had stroked some
precum out before sliding it through. As he pumped his dick
she noticed that he appeared trimmed. This cock belonged
to a younger guy dee thought. She took the tip of his man meat
in between her teeth and began to nibble ever so slightly.

The thick fleshy vibe up inside her tight wet pussy was making
her moan. The vibrations of her moans was quickly sending
the penis she had in her mouth over the edge of no return.
"MMMMmmmm" Dee hummed as she milked his man
meet and nibbled at the tip. A low grunt came from the oher
side of the wall. his cock meat began to push his salty sperm
into her slut mouth. After a few quick jets filled her mouth
with his jizz, Dee began to have a rocking oragasm. Her pussy
began to push some ofher own juices out onto the stall floor.
her mouth was filled to the point of spilling the precious
pearl jam. She tipped her head back as her legs began to shake
from the powerfull cum she was having. She swallowed the
load that was deposited in her mouth. She tooke he vibe out
of her squishy little cunt and began to taste her own juice.

Two new cocks came through the glory holes. Both were limp.
Dee took them in her hands and began to stroke furiosly now
was not the time to give this insatiable woman limp dick.
She wanted more cum, she wanted to be the ultimate cum whore.
While she was quickly stroking the cokc meat in her hand
she heard a knkock at the door. " who is it" Dee
asked. "It's the lady from the drugstore"
"Come in please" Dee said. The woman opened
the door and saw Dee working the now hard cocks in her hand.
Dee had no idea that at that very moment she looked like a
natural born cock slut. Her face was covered in dried jizz,
thick globs of spunk was drying in her hair and pearly white
stains were on her business suit.

The woman asked Dee if she was staying intown tommorow night.
"No, Dee replied I have a brithday party for my niece
in Philidelphia, I am going to take a flight there in the
morning but I will be back here for business next week. The
woman wrote her phone number on a piece of paper and told
Dee to call her. She shut the door and Dee yelled "Thank
you" for it was that woman who had turned Dee onto this
delicious cock house.

Dee took turns sucking each mans cock meat. They both had
a distinctive different taste. She sucked them harder
then the previous cocks. Lifting the meat up and licking
under each. The man in her right hand shouted, "I am
cumming" Dee quickly looked the over and his cock
began to spurt. the first stream landed in her hair. The
rest landed in her open mouth. As she as sucking his cock
meat, the other dick went off and began to jet it's jizz.
The cum landed again in her hair, she quickly turned around
and put the shooting shaft into her mouth. The two loads
mixed as one.

When they were though Dee stood up. Covered in cum she really
didn't care ow she looked too others. It was going to
be quite a thrill walking back to the hotel looking like
a used slut. She took her new toy and put it in her purse. She
walked into the front room where all the porn was, gawking
men looked up from there fuck mags only to see Dee. Covered
in cum she looked the men straight in the eye when she had
the chance. A look those guys would not soon forget. The
clerk who had taken Dee into the toy room looked her over.
He smiled " you give good head" and told her the
new friend was on the house.

Dee walked back to the hotel. the cum quickly drying in the
dark night air. She wanted a stiff piece of cock meat up her
tight hole. When she got back to the hotel, She decided she
was going to give a bell hop the ride of his life.

to be continued Dees Toy Story Part

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