Drugs,Stress,and Dreams  

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4/16/2006 10:29 am

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Drugs,Stress,and Dreams

The latest antidepressant I am on is Effexor XR. I was told I would have some very wild dreams on it. I also have been under much stress with my 23 yr old son living with me again and the mortgage company raising my mortgage to balance my escrow debit($500/m for 1 yr.)
I thought I would share a couple of these dreams.

Monday night 4/10/06:

I dreamed I was walking with a few other people in a conservation district area. We came to a narrow clear stream. I looked down and saw a flattened dead orange and white cat under the water, it was laying on it's left side. Someone I was with (either a child or female by the sound of their voice) she picked it up and said "squirrel", I said "no,it's a kitty". I was looking and started to notice other kitties under the water. The person held the orange and white cat in front of me and said "skunk", I said "no,kitty".
I looked down into the water and noticed a gray and dark gray cats face come to the surface and bare lots of teeth ,similar to piranha fish's teeth. This "kitty" could not leave the water. When the person that was with me neared the water, I noticed more cats with those same teeth under the water's surface. The person I was with said "kitty" and pointed at the stream, I said "yes, many kitties, and I think they are hungry" as I pulled back the person I was with and we jumped over the stream.

Tuesday night 4/11/06:

I remember having dinner at a very large house with many people. The house would belong to a very wealthy person by the way it was decorated and by the size of the dining room table. People were not dressed fancy but casual, there must have been about 15 people in attendance. After dinner we sat in a large room and talked after dinner. A person said "the cellos you have do not work",I had three. Each were constructed of a light green,pink and natural willow frame, but there was no hollow to form the sound, it just had the frame. She said "see, it makes no sound", as she moved the bow over the strings. I told her "you do not know how to hold it", I picked up one of the other cellos, arched back the neck and and caressed the bow over it's strings. As I did that music,loud and clear came from that cello. People around us looked amazed by the music the cello made. She then complained " it's too loud", I told her "then you will never play."

rm_PeanutJackie 37F
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4/16/2006 2:28 pm

Vivid dreams are definitely common for me, and I've been on Effexor XR since I was 17. I'm taking 300mg/day currently.

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